Drug addiction was never in our family plan

by Braxton Collier

Stephen Boyd Collier died from overdose
Stephen Boyd Collier

My wife and I were married in 1973 and started off with all kinds of dreams of how we were going to live our lives, how many children we wanted to have, where we would like to live and many other things just like most all couples in middle class America.

In January 1976, our first read more

My beautiful daughter, Brenna LeFleor, died of overdose

Brenna died December 10, 2014

by Marta LeFleor- Board member, McShin Foundation

For me, this one word evokes a vast variety of emotions.

This is Brenna, my sweet, loving, smart, artistically talented, compassionate daughter. This is a shy little girl who was wiser than her years and a young teenager who, if the front door to her read more

Addiction and the Wisdom Guide

by Mark S. Miller, Ph.D., LPC, CSAC, Professional Counselor, John Tyler Community College

Rite of passage

Let’s make an agreement. Let’s all agree that we are an addicted society/culture. That every one of us is addicted to something. Everyone. So what are you addicted to? Some addictions we feel comfortable read more

Bipolar Possession 

Written by Jon Farrow

I’m sick, very sick. I haven’t been this sick in a while. When I hit this low I make sure to constantly look at pictures of my family to remind myself of why I fight through this.

My wife recently lost her grandmother. I have tried to push my illness deep down read more

Remembering Christopher Bryan DeShields who died by suicide

by Raymond LeRoy Mason

Christopher Bryan DeShields
Christopher Bryan DeShields

My 23-year-old son, Christopher Bryan DeShields,  was a great young man. He suffered from schizophrenia and depression and lived in Raleigh, NC  but would come down to Charlotte, NC, on the weekends to spend time with me.

His favorite method of transportation was the Amtrak read more

Like heart disease or diabetes, addiction is a disease

by Bill Maher

Addiction is a disease that can fracture a family

It’s mind-bogging to me that families often try to treat the medical disease of addiction at home. Home made works for pies but it’s not an ideal approach when it comes to treating a complex disease process.

If your teenager broke his arm, would you set the bone at the kitchen read more

Ben’s suicidal thoughts poem

by Ben

Ben is a 17-year-old who suffers from depression and suicidal ideation and contributed this to emotionally naked to express how he feels. 

I want to die,

I want to scream and cry,

these wings of wax allow me to fly,

but they melt in the sun’s glaring glow,

and I fall and drown in the read more

The forgotten population in this opiate epidemic

by Liz Darnell

Note from Anne Moss: There is a population suffering a lot of pain and swept up in this opiate epidemic, made to feel like they are doctor shopping for prescription pain mediations when they are seeking relief from pain from chronic disease. Further, this population read more

How to handle me when I am in a ‘roller coaster ride’

by Tammy Ozolins

I have always and still do try to cover up when I am feeling out of sorts.

I put on my mask and get through the day, but what people do not realize is when I am home I let it all out. My friends and family are who I rely on to get through the rough times, but at the same time read more

Scarlet Draws

by Timothy Donald

Scarlet draws and fallen tears

With all my pain and all my fears

I’ve wasted oh so many years

How did I end up right back here

Please don’t leave me. Yes, I’m fiending

All so haunting are my demons

So I lived without a reason

On this track my soul starts bleeding

So read more