I’m Going to Teach my Adolescent to Drink Responsibly, ‘Like They Do in Europe’

And Other Well-Intentioned Parenting Myths about Adolescent Alcohol Use
Danielle Dick, PhD
Danielle Dick, PhD

by Danielle Dick PhD, Professor in Developmental Psychology and Human & Molecular Genetics at Virginia Commonwealth University

As a researcher who studies adolescent alcohol use and problems, I frequently talk to parent groups, and I always, inevitably get asked a question along the read more

How is grief like nesting dolls?

by Susan Casey, MSW, MFA


Four years ago, on a day made for lovers, a day when chocolate hearts nestled in red heart-shaped boxes are given out in abundance, my younger brother’s heart stopped beating. His wife and three-and-a-half-year-old daughter stood outside of ICU, hands pressed against the read more

Charles always knew how to make me laugh when I was low


By Danielle Warren with her permission to repost this message. Moms who’ve lost a child don’t get to have new memories of that child. The existing ones are all we have but we don’t know all of them and always open to hearing a story about our child who died. read more

Garrett Brinegar and a fractured family

by Janet G Nenzel 

As I’ve said to Anne Moss on many occasions, I just don’t know where to start. The tears immediately begin to well up and stream down my face as I contemplate writing this on this bleak and cold Sunday morning.

Last Saturday, March 3, 2018 was 5 long years since losing my read more

Whitten and Me

by Gray Maher

Whitten Maher

What an easy, adorable baby.  A sensitive, angelic little boy. We tried so hard to give him siblings but they were not to be. We would do our best for our only child, and I would wait for grandchildren.

read more

I saved her from suicide. Then she died

by Kacy Claassen

Note from Anne Moss: Kacy is 20 years old and from Kansas. She’s also legally blind. She wrote this on a special phone for the blind. Pretty amazing story how she found the site. I hope you will comment and show your support in her grief. 

Lacie Mae was lucky to be alive. read more

Tell me a story about your loved one

Enough about my story. For now, anyway. I want to know yours.

Tell me a story about your loved one.

If you lost a child, I want to know more about that child. Tell me something about him. Or her.

If someone you love is using, tell me a story about the person deep down inside. I want to know more read more

The day I rescued my human from herself

by Astro

My name is Astro and I have the best job in the world as a service dog to a human named Helyn who was in the army.

She suffers from PTSD and vertigo. She must have seen some bad things in the army way before we were family. I know she did because she has days that she shakes a lot. And read more

My second Christmas without my child

by Tamara Rollison

Tamara and Logan

I will never forget the date, 5:30 a.m., July 22, 2016. My 19-year-old son Logan was pronounced dead in a Virginia hospital. Every bone in his body broken, bleeding from the inside out. His eyes black, his head swollen, his blonde hair blood stained from fatal injuries that literally read more

Bright lights and smiles get me through the holidays

by Paul Buskey

Christmas, birthdays and New Year’s Eve are three hard days for me.

Hardest isn’t quite the right word.  More like I don’t deserve to be happy days. It’s something that’s always been the case since childhood. Those are supposed to be the two best days of the year. I’ve read more