I’ve never written anything like this

By Shannon G. 

I saw a friend “like” one the blog posts here on addiction and I ended
Your “How To Hang Yourself” post had my heart racing.

I decided I was going to chime in.

I’ve been a mental illness/suicide advocate for a few years now, but I’ve never written anything like this. I just went with read more

Tom Love tells the story of his sister’s suicide

Close Captioning available when you click the talk bubble button on bottom right. 

Tom Love talks about his family history that included a custody battle after a bitter divorce, his sister who suffered sexual abuse, later used drugs to numb the pain and died by suicide and  his own struggles with read more

Depression turns your brain against you

by Paige Long 

Paige Long

This time last year was one of the darkest parts of my life.

At the time, I was in Newport News, having landed an on-campus internship for the summer. I was learning a lot and I caught on quickly. One month earlier, I had finished my favorite college class, Mental Health Stigma and Advocacy, read more

Send your selfies!

Model your Emotionally Naked T-shirt so I can add it to my gallery. I want to make some quick videos with the tribe! Like the one below.

Seventeen seconds.

I didn’t get all of you in this round. But I will be making more of these! I’ve been playing with this new toy, Adobe Spark.

Charles read more

Have you shut off your feeling faucet?

Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions

Being emotionally vacant is a defense mechanism. A child who lives in a family where both parents suffer from addiction, for example, can seem emotionally vacant which is also referred to as detachment.

I’ve met adults who are like this, too. They seem to have no feelings or they seem to skate read more

One person reaching out saved me

by Paul Buskey

I recently attended my thirtieth high school reunion. Still hard to believe.

I saw classmates I hadn’t seen since graduation. I failed to realize how much some people still meant to me after all these years. I’m sorry it’s taken this long to realize that.

read more

How are you coping?

It’s a simple question.

However, once the loss of a child is acknowledged in a memorial service and everyone else gets back on the bus, those of us who have lost a child still struggle. If it’s a stigmatized death like suicide or drug-related death, there are additional struggles that read more

Support button or ads? I chose a button

Ads would commercialize and slow down this site. It’s also tacky for this blog and not the right place for amazon ads or affiliate links either.

Cost per year to run this blog is about $600. Three hundred of that is security. I got hacked three times in a row despite having updated software. read more