Press Release: Anne Moss Roger’s Powerful ‘Diary of a Broken Mind’

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diary of a broken mind memoir by anne moss rogers charles rogers
ISBN: 978-0-9987881-6-6
$16.95 paperback. Non-fiction.
6×9 inches, 304 pages, Publishes October 1, 2019. BEACHGLASSBOOKS.COM

Beach Glass Books is proud to announce the October 1, 2019, publishing of DIARY OF A BROKEN MIND: A Mother’s Story, a Son’s Suicide, and the Haunting Lyrics He Left Behind, by Anne Moss Rogers, with her late son, Charles.

THE FUNNIEST, MOST POPULAR KID IN SCHOOL, Charles Aubrey Rogers suffered from depression and later addiction, then ultimately died … Read more...

Soul Sisters – Losing my friend to an eating disorder

by Jessica Lucas

Jessica Lucas

It was the day of the Leeza talk show taping. The topic: eating disorders. I walked into the Hollywood studio prepared to talk about the one thing that tormented and tortured me every day, anorexia, and I had never felt so overwhelmed, frightened, and alone – even as I was surrounded by hundreds of studio audience members.

“No one understands. No one gets it. No one can relate. No one will care. I’ll sound crazy. I’m not sick enough. I’m not smart enough. I’m not articulate enough. I’m not thin enough. I won’t make any … Read more...

September is National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month is an observance in September to educate Americans that substance use treatment and mental health services can empower those with a mental illness and/or substance use disorder to live a healthy and rewarding life. Recovery Month provides a vehicle for everyone to celebrate these accomplishments.

The observance reinforces the positive message that behavioral health is essential to overall health, prevention works, treatment is effective, and people can and do recover.

Do share posts from this site to educate others on mental illness and substance use disorder to encourage those who are in recovery and even the ones … Read more...

Met with Paul Gilmartin, host of Mental Illness Happy Hour

In my trip to Los Angeles to visit my son, I had reached out to Paul Gilmartin, host of the popular podcast, Mental Illness Happy Hour. Initially, I was interested in being a guest. I still am, however, Paul was booked out for the next few months so he asked if I wanted to get together for lunch. So that’s what we did.

Paul starred in a show called Dinner and a Movie and did a lot of comedy before hosting the his popular podcast.

Each of us shared our stories. He has suffered from mental illness and addiction and … Read more...

Raising children in a digital world

Parenting is not and has never been an easy job. Each generation poses new challenges that the generation before has not faced. Raising children in today’s digital environment throws curve balls and introduces issues that are unprecedented. In addition, the digital and technology changes so fast, faster than any other times in our lives.

I was raising my two boys when the digital age literally moved in and the world of parenting shifted on its axis. I remember looking at my youngest son as he celebrated the acquisition of his first flip phone and remember thinking, “Will we regret this? … Read more...

Mass shootings trigger more than a gun debate

For those of us who are grieving, these shootings trigger grief. For those who’ve lost loved ones in a mass shooting, it triggers worse grief and possibly PTSD.

The latest shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas have inspired a lot of talk about mental health and very little of it good. Surely, someone so off his rocker to waltz in and unload a magazine of bullets on innocent citizens has to be “crazy,” aka mentally ill.

As much as I want mental illness to be part of the national conversation, this is not how I imagined the conversation … Read more...

Struggling Teens. Normal Growing Pains or Mental Illness?

Is it teen angst or something else?

Almost half of all chronic mental illness begins by age 14, three quarters by age 24. Yet teens are unlikely to ask for help or recognize they need it. Sometimes it’s the stigma and other times it’s not knowing what is happening to them or what to call it.

In Charles’ case, he didn’t know how to label his anxiety. I remember him describing the feeling he got in middle school and telling him that what he was experiencing was called anxiety.

It is hard to tell what is real distress and what … Read more...

I need your stories

Your stories are important and some of the top performers on Google when others are struggling. I’m looking for stories about grief from loss of a loved one by suicide or addiction, mental health challenges, innovative strategies for either, stories of lived experience and creative ideas I’ve not thought of.

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Supporting a 1:250 counselor ratio in public schools

by Kathryn Haines and Anna

Note from Anne Moss. I’m supporting candidates, red or blue, who support mental health, including addiction support. Kat Haines is running for Chesterfield County School Board in Virginia. I hope you will support these candidates, too. Because nothing is going to change if people who don’t get it are making the decisions.

They say you know more people when you have kids in school than you do at any other time in your life. As I collect people’s stories, their struggles with mental health emerge as a theme, not only in my own family, but … Read more...

Is your teenager prepared for the college transition?

I don’t think our educational system does a great job of preparing students for this. Colleges make a lot of effort but we as parents get caught up in the excitement and buying bedding and other dorm decor and our own emotions, we forget how they might feel.

So think about it from their standpoint for a moment. They’ve had the same set of friends for twelve years and now they are headed somewhere new with few people they know. They have to do everything on their own–laundry, buy books, find classes, follow a schedule and manage a calendar. Oh … Read more...