My journey to working in a ketamine clinic

by Rachel Featherstone, WHNP, Ketamine Nurse Practitioner

Mental health has been a continuous thread in the story of my life, beginning even before I was born. 

I grew up with grandparents on either side of my family with mental health struggles.  My grandmother on one side was affected by both bipolar depression and alcoholism, and the stories of her life were passed on with a good degree of caution. You don’t want to grow up to be like her, I heard in between my mother’s words.  

My grandfather’s struggles were talked about less often, and with a greater sense … Read more...

The coronavirus and mental health

Pandemics are not just a medical phenomenon, they affect individuals and our culture on multiple levels from interruption on an economic level to a cultural one.

No matter what level they affect, it all boils down to cultural chaos.

I’m all about creating a culture for connection. The coronavirus threatens to do the opposite–to isolate us more. Or create the fear we will be isolated or sick. Not only is this virus kicking up quite a bit of worry for those who suffer from anxiety, but more isolation also tends to trigger episodes for those struggling with PTSD and suicide. … Read more...

My struggle with bipolar disorder

by Tammy Ozolins

Tammy and her twin brother. One of her biggest supporters

My world was crashing down, I had no energy, felt my world getting darker and darker and all I wanted was to see was a glimmer of hope. My days were long and I was tired of it all. The walls were closing in on me and I thought I could not breathe.

Does this sound familiar at all?

That is exactly how I felt when I was at my lowest point of depression. I manage and cope with Bipolar Disorder. Back then, I would just cry … Read more...

Fourth Blog Birthday

I missed my blog’s official birthday which was Feb 1, 2020. It’s four years old. You all have been my support group. And writing here has brought me emotional healing. Thanks to you, it’s been shared hundreds of thousands of times in social media and have had nearly one million page views.

Here are the numbers

1,535 posts
708,000 unique visits
975,632 page views

People have visited from these countries

About 75% of visitors to the site are from the United States. Visits to the site after that are in the order listed here.


The Respected Town Monster

By Don Shetterly

Often, I hear people say, “Why didn’t you report what was done to you to someone?” 

To which, I think, “Who would I have told?” 

A school teacher that seemed to not give me any attention in class, and when I couldn’t do first-grade math would set me in the corner of the room with scissors, paper, and glue to keep myself occupied?

Maybe it would be the person that molested me in the basement of the church while the congregation was singing hymns to God.  No one seemed to notice.  No one seemed to care.  I … Read more...

Do you think mental illness will ever lose its taboo?

Question from a high school student after one of my presentations

will mental illness lose its taboo

I would not do what I do if I didn’t think it made a difference. I will admit, however, stripping mental illness of its taboo has been slow and my path has been riddled with rejection and push back. Carrying a 100-pound spiked ball uphill would be easier.

I have noticed been big changes since I’ve been involved with the topic since 2010. Back then, I was focused on that taboo surrounding youth mental illness and substance misuse/addiction. Suicide just wasn’t on my radar and we weren’t hearing about … Read more...

Does therapy actually work?

Question from a high school student after one of my presentations

does therapy work
Question from a high school student

This is a valid concern and I can understand the apprehension a teen would have for seeing a therapist. I think the first step is to adopt an attitude of trying things that are outside your comfort zone. That includes believing you will find a good therapist and then setting the right expectations.

If you go to see a therapist expecting someone to “fix” all your problems and not doing any work on yourself, you will be disappointed. That “I’m not giving up,” … Read more...

A suicide attempt survivor speaks out

by Jeff Watts

Jeff and his kids

My name is Jeff Watts. I am a husband, dad, teacher, co-founder of an orphan ministry, diagnosed with a mental illness, a four-time psych hospital patient, and a suicide attempt survivor.

I’ll start the part of my story having left home with an associate of arts degree in psychology from a community college. I wanted to be a counselor. I went to an out of state university and lived in an apartment on my own away from the support of my parents for the first time.

I also left the support I had …

My review for ‘Slay Like a Mother’

Katherine Wintsch, the author of Slay Like a Mother, and owner of the Mom Complex, was an overachiever. She consistently won awards, trophies, ribbons, praise, top grades and accolades. Every time she felt inferior, she strived for more. Her self worth was defined by what others thought of her and she strived for perfection. Because anything less meant she was not enough.

She had to be the perfect employee, wife, daughter, and mother. Anything less was failure. She kept up the charade for decades hiding what she was sure were her glaring insecurities and imperfections.

Katherine was a person …

Podcast: Life, Death & the Space in Between

Emotionally Naked with Anne Moss Rogers

Dr. Amy Robbins explores lifedeath, and what it all means. She has the unique perspective of a clinical psychologist and medium. Life, Death, and the Space Between podcast is consistently ranked in the top iTunes charts for religion and spirituality, self-help, and health. Take this journey with me and Amy Robbins as we talk about being emotionally naked.


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