I am an author and an emotionally naked professional public speaker. This site focuses on taboo topics of suicide, addiction, mental illness and grief. 

charles aubrey rogers
Charles Aubrey Rogers 2/26/1995-6/5/2016

I do so in memory of my son Charles Aubrey Rogers who died by suicide June 5, 2015 in Richmond, Virginia. He suffered from depression and ultimately addiction to heroin and it was a suicide by asphyxiation.

I am finding my own peace and I strive to find hope and joy in the face of the most devastating loss of my life. I share these pages because many of you are not living in lollipop land with shiny faces and perfect families. I also share your stories, too, because they are important.

You are part of this family and part of this work. Your comments and notes to me often become topics and you have provided me much needed emotional support and helped me find emotional healing.

I can’t do this alone. It’s the sharing from supporters like you that has made a difference and literally saved lives. Just know that judgment doesn’t live here.

In my prior life, I owned and sold a digital marketing business and am on the board for Beacon Tree Foundation. My husband and I raised two sons, Richard, the oldest and a filmmaker in LA, and Charles, the youngest. I have written a book, Diary of a Broken Mind, that includes my story, the unpublished lyrics Charles left behind and carries a message of hope. I found a publisher and it will be out in paperback October of 2019.

Meet Charles, the RAP artist

Charles was an artist — an actor, comedian, rap artist and an amazing writer. Meet him in this video, Letter to God. See more pictures and videos on this page.

Anne Moss Rogers is certified in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST) in addition to additional trainings. This site follows suicide reporting guidelines. 

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