My husband’s reaction to my manuscript

With my husband’s permission, I posted the message he sent after finishing my book. It took him a few months. It was understandably hard for him.

I get it.

Last week there was more editing that needed to be done on the most difficult chapters which involves putting myself in the back of that read more

Love this article in the Progress Index

Reporters at some of the largest and most prestigious newspapers in the country don’t use the accepted phrase “died by suicide” instead of the “committed” phrase. But this regional paper got it right. A lot of education for the public in this article. 


Drug addiction was never in our family plan

by Braxton Collier

Stephen Boyd Collier died from overdose
Stephen Boyd Collier

My wife and I were married in 1973 and started off with all kinds of dreams of how we were going to live our lives, how many children we wanted to have, where we would like to live and many other things just like most all couples in middle class America.

In January 1976, our first read more

Standing on the big red dot. TEDx Grace Street Women

tedx speaker richmond va

I’ve been about to bust with this news. I’ve applied twice as a TEDx speaker and not made it but this was invitation only. I thought they had all their speakers lined up back in September until someone on the committee surprised me by putting my name in the hat.

It was competitive. read more

Interview with Melissa Febos

Author Melissa Febos, interviewed by author, Roben Farzad

I attended a conference for James River Writer’s that hosts an annual conference in Richmond, VA.

The Executive Director, Katherine Herndon, of James River Writers happens to have been Charles’ English teacher. In fact, she was one of his favorite teachers.

As I was looking over the conference read more

My beautiful daughter, Brenna LeFleor, died of overdose

Brenna died December 10, 2014

by Marta LeFleor- Board member, McShin Foundation

For me, this one word evokes a vast variety of emotions.

This is Brenna, my sweet, loving, smart, artistically talented, compassionate daughter. This is a shy little girl who was wiser than her years and a young teenager who, if the front door to her read more

What is a #carepackage to a teenager? Not what you think

Example of a #carepackage from Instagram.

To teenagers, a #carepackage is a package of drugs, something they ordered on social media like Instagram or SnapChat.

Here’s how it works. The “buyer” can go on social media and write that they are looking for a #carepackage.  Then a read more