Charles thought drugs were the solution to his pain

Richard on the left. Charles on the right.

The first time Charles did a drug, the thoughts of suicide, hopelessness, and worthlessness of his depression were replaced by pure elation. He was instantly transformed into a magnificent, handsome, smart, and amazing person. He was all of those things without the drugs but his mental illness didn’t read more

Mirror Mirror

by Paul Buskey

One of the first songs I could relate to is Pink’s Don’t let me get me. Listen to the lyrics closely.

It’s extremely difficult for me at times to be in my own body and mind.

Unfriendly hostile thoughts are repetitive and plague me most of the time. Escaping the inescapable for read more

Leading change for a taboo topic

I have been advocating for mental health, specifically youth mental health, since 2010. While my son Charles was still alive, not yet diagnosed with depression and I didn’t know he was suffering from thoughts of suicide, the system read more

WRIR Zero Hour Radio Show With Tim Bowring and Anne Moss Rogers

97.3 FM Public Radio in Richmond VA. Transcript is below and the show is thirty minutes. Perfect for listening in the car.

Anne Moss Rogers and Tim Bowring of WRIR Zero Hour Richmond, VA


My son died in a hell hole

10 reasons why so many kids are abusing drugs

We have the perfect storm for a drug epidemic to thrive. Here are just a few reasons why I can cite why our youth is reaching for drugs to numb life’s painful moments instead of growing from the experience.

1. They are prescribed addictive drugs

Teens go in for an ACL injury or wisdom tooth removal, they are given a bottle of read more

My mental illness feeds me lies about myself

by Paul Buskey

Many of us have heard the song “Praying” by Kesha on the radio.  Inspired by her lowest moments of her professional and personal life during which she dealt with depression and thoughts of suicide.

It’s very difficult to get others to understand what we hear from our own minds read more

Pajama jeans love— #griefheart number 282

So there is a story behind these. Pun intended since this is a photo of the back end of my most comfortable jeans. So the denim style now is skin tight. That’s NOT the style of this old pair. These are well worn and soft. Because of that, holes appear in the rear. And when they do, I make read more

Interview Part 2: Dr. Peter Coleman on Addiction MAT and Recovery

Part 2: Anne Moss Rogers of Emotionally Naked interviews Dr. Peter Coleman, National Medical Director of The Coleman Institute and a person in long-term recovery. Although he obviously runs read more