Strawberry love— #griefheart number 229

strawberry heart
Strawberry heart

This one is so perfect.

Both Charles and I loved chocolate covered strawberries. And this accidental swirl of a heart was just meant to be part of this project. Probably the closest to a nutritious food Charles ever got!

What is the #griefheart project?

I explain my #griefheart project here.

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I felt you with me, Charles Rogers

Charles S, Haley, Anne Moss

Charles Rogers, I am trying to spread the message any way I can because I know how you suffered. And I need to in order to move forward to cope with losing you.

So I am at Godwin High School with the student-lead group, “No Eagle Left Behind.” This group is focused on awareness surrounding

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The grieving runner

My running view

As soon as 2 days after Charles’ suicide in June 2015, I went for my morning run.

Numb and shocked, carrying the weight of grief in every limb, I forged out on the trail to find relief.

Yes, I was a mess.

No I didn’t want to go.

But I did.

Good God this hurts.

It was how I had coped before

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Live your dash award

Anne Moss Rogers, Miss Monroe Hill, Mr. Bob Argabright, Dr. Danny Avula

Full Circle Grief Center in Richmond, VA has an event called ‘Live your Dash’ based on a poem by that name. They have awards each year for those who live their dash.

I was honored to be one of 4 recipients of this award for 2017. In fact, I could hardly fight back the tears when

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Figuring out who you are after a loved one dies

bouncing back
Bouncing back

When Charles first died by suicide, I didn’t know who I was anymore.

I was the mom that had bonfires and countless spend-the-nights and pizza parties. I was the “youtube” house. I was the mom of the funniest most popular kid in school. I was mom of an up-and-coming rap artist. I

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Heart of love— #griefheart number 228

heart of love
Heart of love

I’m walking the dog today and I see this on the sidewalk. I wonder about the story behind it. It’s not new but I walk over it every day and never saw it before. How could I have missed it? Especially something so fit for this project.

It represents the love I still have for Charles even

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Dangerous apps for kids and teens

A few years back, my marketing agency did a joke campaign on how staring at a cell phone could create “glowburn.”  Which meant that even after you put your phone away, the glow on your face remained as it was “burned” into your skin.

The truth is, our relationship with

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Suicide Prevention: Ask the Question

Steven Boyd, producer/director, for Henrico County TV filmed this video focused on suicide loss survivors and suicide attempt survivors and how we can prevent suicide. It’s very well done.

In this video:

Dr. Lisa Moon, Clinical Psychologist,

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