How I have dealt with my master’s suicide

by Andy Dog

My humans came home and they fell to the floor. I didn’t know what happened. I just knew it was really bad and they needed me. We were all piled on top of each other and the humans yelled and cried which upset me. And then, he never came back home. I never heard that squeaky read more

Child with SUD and Major Depression asked for help and he got it

Arm yourself with a kleenex. You’ll need it. This is an uplifting story!

2 minutes

This program that helps individual kids is not flashy. It doesn’t touch hundreds or even thousands. Because of that, it’s often less popular to grant funders due to the small footprint. Despite the read more

How to stay married after losing a child

You might think the death of a child would bring a couple closer but that’s not always the case. I think when a child dies, how people grieve and accept the loss differs. Sometimes there is blame, especially when it comes to suicide and overdose, making a difficult situation even worse.

I read more

I saved her from suicide. Then she died

by Kacy Claassen

Note from Anne Moss: Kacy is 20 years old and from Kansas. She’s also legally blind. She wrote this on a special phone for the blind. Pretty amazing story how she found the site. I hope you will comment and show your support in her grief. 

Lacie Mae was lucky to be alive. read more

7 strategies we could implement to prevent school shootings

At 55 seconds into this video called Letter to God, Charles raps:

“Yesterday a school got shot up, God fell asleep and never got up. It was out there in Connecticut–you didn’t have to see their little faces on the internet. I doubt you even remember it. And if you do, I’m sorry for the lack of gratitude, But ignoring my prayers is the wrong attitude…”

After his friend Max sent me this video of Charles after his death by suicide, I remember understanding how adversely effected he was by the shooting tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. At the time I asked him about it, he dismissed it read more

Healing heart valentine— #griefheart number 277

Healing heart valentine

My husband and I shared the love when our hearts where whole and then when they were shredded.

On June 5, 2015, the night we were devastated with the shocking news that  Charles had killed himself, we made a pact that the last chapter of our read more

Remembering Jeffrey Scott Maurer II

By Ms. Dawn Burton

My son Jeffrey Scott Maurer II, Jethrow to most, struggled with depression and drug addiction for many years and lost his battle. I always thought I would get “the call” but I thought he would OD.

Never in a million years did I think he would kill himself when he read more