How could Bourdain and Spade leave their children?

When I first heard Charles died by suicide, I took it personally. I could not figure out how he could leave us like that. Wouldn’t he know we’d be devastated? Didn’t he remember how awful he felt when Cal died by suicide?

But it was not about me. It was not personal. And it took read more

Charles first EP rap album, Hell’s Episode

I have made available Charles’ first rap album on his soundcloud channel. Fortunately, I was able to get into his account.

For a long time it was on iTunes and I discovered it was no longer. Probably due to lagging sales after his death. I added it to SoundCloud because of the creative commons read more

We didn’t sign up just for the pretty part

Do you support someone in recovery? If so, you can’t bail when it gets ugly. When you decided to do that, you had to know it might not go well at some point and that person might relapse. You don’t have to give them money or things but it’s never wrong to tell someone who suffers read more

How are you coping?

It’s a simple question.

However, once the loss of a child is acknowledged in a memorial service and everyone else gets back on the bus, those of us who have lost a child still struggle. If it’s a stigmatized death like suicide or drug-related death, there are additional struggles that read more

Emotionally Naked T-shirts available through June 21, 2018

White, ice blue, gray. unisex and Women’s slim fit (shaped and runs small).

Sizes Unisex: XS-3XL, Women’s Slim Fit: S-2XL

Emotionally Naked t-shirts

Dante wearing white and black t-shirt in unisex is website and blog focused on talking about suicide and all the underlying causes such as mental illness and addiction.  All taboo subjects.

I do so in memory of my youngest son Charles Aubrey Rogers who died by suicide June 5, 2015 in Richmond, Virginia. He suffered from depression and addiction. I strive to find hope and joy in the face of the most devastating loss of my life.  I share my journey and the stories and memories of others because many of you are not living in lollipop land with shiny faces and perfect families. I can’t do this alone. It’s the sharing and the wearing from supporters like you that has made a difference, reached those who are hurting, and saved lives. Models are part of the village here and talk about suicide and all the issues that cause it including addiction and mental illness. It’s a team effort. Thanks for being part of the village.

Emotionally Naked t-shirts

Tucker wearing gray unisex
Pamela wearing ice blue women’s slim fit

The gallery of pictures is here.

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How a school should handle a death by suicide

Too often, I hear stories about a school telling the student body “not to talk about it” which is the worst possible thing to say following a death of a student (or a teacher) by suicide. Not to mention, it’s not at all how a school should handle news of a suicide.

Suicide is a cause of death–a public health issue

Suicide is read more

The fireworks behind my eyes

Lately, when I dream about Charles, I see flashes of light like fireworks behind my eyelids when I close my eyes.

It’s not alarming but pleasant to the point, I feel “wow.” I also feel warm inside. I’d describe it as mesmerizing and spectacular.

While I’ve read about read more

I lost my father, David Lawrence Sanders, to suicide

by Amy Schmidt

In memory of David Lawrence Sanders December 13, 1949 – February 11, 1981

It was February 11, 1981. That was the day my whole universe changed. I was 7 years old and I remember walking into the kitchen, seeing my mom holding the phone in her hand. Tears were streaming down her pale face, with what I now recognize as a look of shock and grief. I tried asking read more