The world didn’t stop

When we were suffering from Charles’ addiction, the world kept turning.

When he died by suicide, the world kept turning then, too.

I was moving at the speed of slug after his death and everything seemed to whiz by so quickly. Was I in slow motion? Or was everyone else moving in fast motion? read more

Happy f–ing mother’s day

Fortunately, my “grief rash” (hives really) has cleared up thanks to Stephanie and her husband telling me what it was.

I got my mother’s day hives last week. With the help of Benadryl, it’s cleared up. Weird I get all these rashes during grieving season. And then they go away after the June fifth death anniversary. Poof! They vanish.

That read more

The tree before and after

There is a tree near the Nickel Bridge and Byrd Park in Richmond. After a storm in June of 2016, it looked ragged, and broken. All the trees around it had leaves and branches.

This one looked singed by lightning– alone and naked. Among it’s grove mates, it had been devastated. It had read more

What did I do with Charles’ ashes?

So my husband and I wanted something funky to hold Charles’ ashes. We finally picked them up from the funeral home on his birthday. Well, my husband did. And we chose this basket online from Etsy on the far left–with the tassels. I sort of copied what Tamara did for Logan. She got read more

Need some help from parents who’ve lost a child

I’d like to do a post on a VERY emotionally naked subject–intimacy and sex after death of a child.

All will be completely anonymous

This discussion is a pretty hot topic.

I have two ways you can share with me. And I really need your input because others really want to understand what happens and I am sure it’s read more

Are we normal people any more?

I am often out somewhere, going to the grocery or drug store, doing normal people things but feeling I’m not normal any more.

Today, we were driving back from visiting my parents in North Carolina and I watched parents in Chick-fil-A with their kids. I remember when we did those things with read more