Dear Charles from Julie

I know you will never receive this but I hope you see this from heaven. Your loss has impacted me tremendously.

I’m sitting here crying because I once too, actually numerous times, thought about and tried to take my life. But I never thoroughly thought of all of the aftermath, or the pain

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Do men love their children less?

At my Families Anonymous group, I saw just as many men as women cry over the addiction of a child.  I felt honored the men in this group felt it “safe” enough to allow themselves to express themselves emotionally.

Because grief is the result of losing someone you love, men would have to

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The ache of pictures

I have avoided them. Circled them. Refused to dive in since going through them for the memorial service.

Those boxes and books of memories are full of a life cut short. Full of Charles’ life. His beautiful baby pictures with his huge brown eyes.

Sombreros, shark costumes, silly poses, Santa

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The Emotional ICU known as grief

From Anne Moss. Logan suffered from anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation and an eating disorder.

By Tamara Rollinson

Logan Neale died in an accidental truck crash in July 2016 at 19. He suffered from mental illness and was very open about his struggles

Grief hits you on many levels. Loss of a job. Loss of a marriage. Death of your parents, friends and loved ones. Death is final. No turning back.

Done. Forever in this life time.


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Carrying him in my heart

I find myself adopting traits that Charles had.

Ones I did not possess before his death, I now have. Like they were somehow passed on to me.

I am able to spot a fake a mile away. I can tell, like he could, when someone is suffering inside even if they are smiling on the outside. I can see something

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Living with grief. It’s not all sad.


Sometimes grief sits beside me and I wonder why, at that particular time, it’s not crushing my heart. Those are the days it just glides at my side.

Sometimes it sits on my chest, invades my limbs and sucks my motivation. Those are the days it weighs me down.

Sometimes it slaps me in the

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