Evolution of my grief after Charles’ suicide

At first, following anything with more than two steps was impossible.

The grief would surround me and literally take me to the floor where I would try to escape it. Like I could squeeze out of its way or hide from it. The emotional pain was so intense, it hurt physically.

I was not a great driver. read more

July is Bereaved Parents Month

I didn’t know it there was a month for this but this statue definitely captures the grief of having lost a child.

The artwork above is called Melancholy by Albert György & is on display in Geneva, Switzerland. It’s pretty magnificent. Shows that hollow that never seems to be filled, read more

After loss, your capacity for love grows

I would have never thought this was possible. Especially in the early days. when my heart hurt so much I thought I would implode. But when people came by the house, helped me plan the service, helped me pack and move when I could barely put one foot in front of the other, I felt it then. That read more

Send your selfies!

Model your Emotionally Naked T-shirt so I can add it to my gallery. I want to make some quick videos with the tribe! Like the one below.

Seventeen seconds.

I didn’t get all of you in this round. But I will be making more of these! I’ve been playing with this new toy, Adobe Spark.

Charles read more

How are you coping?

It’s a simple question.

However, once the loss of a child is acknowledged in a memorial service and everyone else gets back on the bus, those of us who have lost a child still struggle. If it’s a stigmatized death like suicide or drug-related death, there are additional struggles that read more

I lost my father, David Lawrence Sanders, to suicide

by Amy Schmidt

In memory of David Lawrence Sanders December 13, 1949 – February 11, 1981

It was February 11, 1981. That was the day my whole universe changed. I was 7 years old and I remember walking into the kitchen, seeing my mom holding the phone in her hand. Tears were streaming down her pale face, with what I now recognize as a look of shock and grief. I tried asking read more

Year three since Charles died by suicide

So what was year three like compared to the previous ones? I will say that the loss has softened some. The edges of my grief are not as jagged and it’s more of a dull ache.

Cries are most often softer compared to the violent break downs, screaming at windows and fist pounding that characterized read more

What stories am I looking for?

submit your story

1. Stories from people of color

I see that suicide and addiction affects all races. Whether you are African American, Indian or Latino or something else, I’d like to hear how stigma is in your cultural community.

2. Stories from the LGBTQ community

Suicide rates are high in this community and I’d like those who identify as LGTBQ to contribute

3. Speaking opportunities to diverse places of worship

Always looking read more

I could never survive that

Surviving in memory of Charles Aubrey Rogers, 20, who died by suicide. Two years old in this picture.

Grief sits on your heart

settles in your limbs

roars in your ears

and takes you to your knees.

You can’t imagine surviving

or moving forward again

how does anyone do this?

live without their child?

One hour at a time

then one day at a time

then one week at a time

then each month after that.

You step forward read more