I felt you with me, Charles Rogers

Charles S, Haley, Anne Moss

Charles Rogers, I am trying to spread the message any way I can because I know how you suffered. And I need to in order to move forward to cope with losing you.

So I am at Godwin High School with the student-lead group, “No Eagle Left Behind.” This group is focused on awareness surrounding

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Live your dash award

Anne Moss Rogers, Miss Monroe Hill, Mr. Bob Argabright, Dr. Danny Avula

Full Circle Grief Center in Richmond, VA has an event called ‘Live your Dash’ based on a poem by that name. They have awards each year for those who live their dash.

I was honored to be one of 4 recipients of this award for 2017. In fact, I could hardly fight back the tears when

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Figuring out who you are after a loved one dies

bouncing back
Bouncing back

When Charles first died by suicide, I didn’t know who I was anymore.

I was the mom that had bonfires and countless spend-the-nights and pizza parties. I was the “youtube” house. I was the mom of the funniest most popular kid in school. I was mom of an up-and-coming rap artist. I

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Grief writes me a love letter

Dear Anne Moss,

I didn’t mean to hurt you. I numbed you at first because I had to protect you. One can take only so much pain and agony at once.

I watched you in your agonizing moments knowing that these would be building blocks to emotional healing. You suffered under my weight and tried

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Dear Cain,

You were a friend of Charles’ and he was supposed to be in your wedding. But he died by suicide before your big day. It seems like just yesterday that you announced it to me standing in our kitchen in Midlothian. Judea is as amazing as you told me she was. Charles thought so, too.

You told

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Grieving Season


So I’m headed into my grieving season.

Last year I was prepared for the death anniversary. But not for Charles’ birthday April 26, Mother’s day in May, Father’s Day in June, then the death anniversary June 5 and then my own birthday June 18.

The stretch was pretty brutal

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broken plates

I have dreamt of renting a racquetball court, putting on safety glasses and having a big stack of dishes. My friend Tamara, me, Laurie, Scott, Reid, Roz, Henry, Jenny, Pat, Cathy, Shirley, Joanna and many of you regulars here would be lined up, ready to take a turn. It would be fundraiser

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Dear Charles from Julie

I know you will never receive this but I hope you see this from heaven. Your loss has impacted me tremendously.

I’m sitting here crying because I once too, actually numerous times, thought about and tried to take my life. But I never thoroughly thought of all of the aftermath, or the pain

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Do men love their children less?

At my Families Anonymous group, I saw just as many men as women cry over the addiction of a child.  I felt honored the men in this group felt it “safe” enough to allow themselves to express themselves emotionally.

Because grief is the result of losing someone you love, men would have to

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