Do you want your child who died to be forgotten?


That’s our greatest fear. That their memory will fade away. So what do you do?

Bring it up first

You’ve buried a child so don’t bury their memory.

Nothing will keep you stuck in grief like refusing to talk about your child. Let others know you want to talk by bringing up their name, posting on read more

Maggie Music

maggie moyler
Maggie Moyler

by Charlotte Moyler

Music has various effects on my soul. Since my daughter died, I find some songs unbearable to listen to. Several songs bring emotions that I feel ill prepared to experience.

You’re Beautiful by James Blunt came on my car radio as I was driving this morning. When I recognized the read more

My heart weighs ten thousand pounds

Richard is far right. This is from a visit 2 years ago.

My oldest, Richard, graduated in May of 2015 from University of NC School of the Arts with a degree in Filmmaking. Two weeks later his brother died by suicide. Obviously at that time, he was not ready to leave North Carolina for Los Angeles.

He is moving to LA today. Driving across country from Tennessee read more

How grief matures

Charles and Richard at the beach

When you lose a child, it changes you forever. And although time doesn’t heal, it does help.

Over time,

Tears of agony become tears of remembrance.

Agony becomes ache.

A hole in the heart becomes a wound with scar tissue.

Denial turns into acceptance.

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Speaking out takes courage. Tell your story in the comments

We need to share our stories about addiction, mental illness, grief overdose and suicide. We must talk about our family’s pain as it relates to the illness of addiction and mental illness because it’s a family issue.

The stories shared with me to post here on emotionally naked read more

The second death anniversary

6/4/2017- My inlaws and Richard. Being with family on the weekend of Charles’ death anniversary.
5/8/2015 – My immediate family, Richard’s May 2015 graduation from UNC SA

We decided to spend time with family for the second grief anniversary since Charles’ death by suicide June 5, 2015. I have found that having plans is crucial to surviving these significant dates: birthdays, death anniversaries, holidays.

My inlaws drove up from Georgia and we drove down from read more

6 myths about grief after losing a child

There are lots of grief myths and I’m busting a few of the most glaring ones from my point of view. Many think grief is all emotional symptoms but grief has many physical symptoms, too.

1. You will get over it

It?s not a matter of ?getting over it.?  It?s a matter learning to live without read more