So I’m working on a book

It’s nonfiction, memoir style I guess. I’ve never done this. I’ve written ebooks for marketing–about 30 pages or so. At first it was so daunting but then, fortunately, an acquaintance of mine connected me with a writer named Susan, in Maine with whom I meet by phone.

She read more

So much hurt in his lyrics

I’ve been writing a book and Charles will be my co-author since I will be publishing some of his lyrics–ones published and some not published. The point will be to show you inside the mind of someone who suffered from addiction, read more

Did Charles ever really belong to us?

I birthed him, raised him, loved him. But I always had this feeling that he didn’t belong to me.

I remember when we sat with the minister to plan Charles’ memorial service, and he said, “Our children don’t really belong to us. They pass through us, are part of our families but read more

Charles loved the stage. And the stage loved him.

He owned an audience. Held it in his hands. He may have suffered anxiety but he was never anxious on stage. Ever. He connected with an audience and you knew he had something the moment he walked on stage.

During the play Hairspray, he apparently hid in the dumpster on stage. Naked. Everyone read more

My son died in a hell hole

I can only imagine where he was staying

Charles was found dead in an apartment on Monument Avenue.

Not the gorgeous part lined with million dollar row houses and manicured little yards on cobblestone streets. I’m talking about the seedier part–the part I didn’t even know existed until we got news he died.  Obviously, a read more

Is my story is too ugly?

Not too long ago someone said to me, “I would have you speak but we decided on a more uplifting story–someone in recovery.”

I think it’s great to feature someone else’s inspiring story of recovery. I applaud that and I enjoy those stories, too. But not at the expense read more

WTVR story on suicide prevention

See the write up and video on WTVR. Thank you WTVR and Laura French for sharing and airing this story.

So I went back to Cosby High School to speak to the parents about suicide prevention. It’s only the second time I’ve been back to Cosby since my oldest child graduated. Last year I spoke read more

Charles spent his whole life trying to pull all of us outside

The power was out and Charles was pumped. It was out after a Hurricane Isabel.

He loved it. Thought it was the grandest thing ever. Hurricane and no electricity meant everyone came outside.  Away from their big screen TVs and video games. School was cancelled and it was 24/7 play time!

Fortunately, read more