A creative genius slipped through my fingers

Of course I miss my son. But another part I miss is that the world lost someone so talented–before we ever really got to see the full breadth of what he had to offer.

He had such gift, so much left to create.

He could freestyle rap like no other human being. The words came to him so quickly read more

What would Charles be doing now?

Cage (a famous rap artist) and Charles. He talked about this rapper a lot

Most likely he’d still be struggling but I’m going straight for the fantasy.

He would have just finished the album he was working on and be rapping for audiences everywhere?working it with the passion that was so characteristic of Charles before addiction. At the same time, he?d read more

My favorite of Charles’ quotes

music fills my empty and makes my hollow float

Not all of these are sunny and positive. And we tend to avoid darkness. But I think for Charles, writing about the darkness helped him find light–until he found dope. There are so many rap songs and I have so few. Here are some of the quotes from those stanzas that I am sharing.

“As dark as my life’s like, I can still smile at the bright side and see the silver lining even when it’s nighttime.”

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The #umatterchallenge

This challenge starts on Feb 21, 2016. You can sign up now and you can sign up any time after that.

Program inspiration

Charles Aubrey Rogers died by suicide June 5, 2015. He was 20 years old and suffered from depression, anxiety and ultimately addiction.

He was a creative genius and one of the funniest and most popular read more

10 things Charles did that drove me crazy

Charles and his dodgeball team. He’s on the far right.

Charles had a lot of habits that were challenging.

He was a nonconformist to the max, a dreamer to a fault, pushed the envelope non-stop and was the most stubborn person I ever met in my life. When you have a child like this, you learn a lot about rolling with things and setting boundaries early. Not read more

I am so sorry

I am so sorry I did not go to you that last day you called.

I am so sorry I did not listen to my gut.

I am so sorry I did not tell you I loved you every day you were gone those last two weeks.

I am so sorry I did not understand heroin addiction more than I did.

I am so sorry suicide was not read more