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Page updated 2/13/2017

Many of these resources can be helpful no matter where you live. And some are locally focused in Richmond, VA. Some of the non profits have national chapters.

How to obtain a Temporary Detention Order (TDO) in Virginia -A magistrate may issue a medical temporary detention order if an adult is incapable of making in informed decision to accept necessary medical treatment. A medical temporary detention order allows the person to be detained for 24 hours to permit necessary medical treatment for a person over 18. The police in Richmond only transport and stand by until the TDO is issued.


Non-Profit Resources for Suicide Prevention

Mental Illness

Non-Profit Resources for Mental Health


Area Nonprofits for Addiction

  • Chesterfield SAFE – Preventing and reducing substance abuse in Chesterfield County
  • The Healing Place (Part of Caritas) – Addiction treatment for men 18+ (no cost)
  • McShinn Foundation – Peer to peer addiction recovery and recovery high school through Henrico County
  • Virginia Recovery Foundation – The VRF is supporting several projects, one of which is a program called the RVA Recovery ProjectAnyone suffering from addiction who ODs and asks for help, will be referred to services
  • Northstar Community – Addiction, abuse, trauma, mental illness resources and support
  • COBE – Research, addiction and recovery communities in college (VCU Podcast)
  • JHW Foundation – Collegiate Addiction Recovery
  • Rams in Recovery – Collegiate Recovery Support at VCU


Events & Speaking Engagements

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