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Many of you want more than one of these eBooks. If that’s the case, you can get the whole free library at this link.

Free eBook: Coping Strategies for Grief & Loss by Anne Moss Rogers & Carla Helbert LPC. (Landing page is here)

my son said he is suicidal

Free eBook: My Child Has Been Suicidal. What do I do Now? (20 pgs) by Anne Moss Rogers. After a child’s suicide attempt or confession of suicidal thoughts. (Landing page is here.)

Free eBook: How to Recognize Symptoms of Depression by Anne Moss Rogers. For those who think they may have signs of depression and those who love them. (Landing page is here)

Free eBook: 9 Ways to Help Your Kids Build Resilience 12 pgs. Includes ways to get kids to open up. (Landing page is here)

Free eKit: Grief Journey in a Jar Kit.  Give a friend the gift of once-a-day wisdom from a parent who knows the pain of losing a child. Or use it in a grief support group. (Landing page is here)

Free eKit: Grief Journey in a jar. Give a friend the gift of once-a-day wisdom. For loss of a loved one any relation or age. This can be used in a grief support group. (Landing page is here)

Free eBook: The Emotionally Naked Bereavement Provider: What to say to people who’ve lost someone to suicide. (Landing page is here.)

Free eBook: The Coping Card Activity (ppt and pdf)– Can be a class activity or parent and child. This raises awareness of healthy and unhealthy coping strategies and participants can define what’s most important to them, coping strategies they’d rely on during a tough time, and who they’d reach out to in a crisis. (Landing page is here.)

better back to school for kids

Free eBook: Tips for a Better Back to School Transition – For parents and educators. (Landing page is here.)

teen activator game for educators and youth leaders

Free eBook: Fishbowl Game: Activator Game for Creating Connection in Classrooms. Ideal for teachers, youth leaders, and school counselors. (Landing page is here.)

Free Report: Signs of Drug Use– What are they using? What does the paraphernalia look like? What do I look for? (Landing page is here.)

find your purpose

Free eBook: 10 Steps to Finding Your Purpose Add meaning to your life. Ten steps and two pages. Includes ways to honor the memory of a loved one who has died. (Landing page is here.)

guidelines for telling a mental health story

Free eBook: Safety Guidelines for Sharing Mental Health Stories at Public Events. How to coach storytellers, safety guidelines, trigger warning script, + more. (Landing page is here.)

Free eBook: What to look for in a mental health speaker. For those who want a good speaker and a responsible storyteller. (Landing page is here.)

prevent suicide in our chilldren

Free eBook: 10 Tips for Preventing Suicide in our Children. While nothing is guaranteed, these tips will help lower risk and help you have the conversation. The “9 Ways to Build Resilience in Your Kids” ebook is also included. (Landing page is here.)

Free eBook library: Get Our Whole Library of free eBooks. One email, the whole library. This is for those who want more than one of the eBooks. (Landing page is here.)

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