Diary of a Broken Mind. A Mother’s Story, a Son’s Suicide and the Haunting Lyrics He Left Behind

Published by Beach Glass Books. Memoir by Anne Moss Rogers with lyrics by Charles Rogers. Winner of the New York Book Award, International Book Award finalist plus four more. Paperback, Audible, Kindle $16.95
suicide prevention book for teachers

Emotionally Naked. A Teacher’s Guide to Preventing Suicide and Recognizing Students at Risk

Published August 2022, through Jossey Bass, a division of Wiley Publishing. By Anne Moss Rogers and Kimberly O’Brien PhD, LICSW. Discover effective strategies to help prevent youth suicide. $29.95

Emotionally Naked T-Shirts

Available in more colors, styles including women’s fit, long sleeve, and sweathshirts. Sizes XS-4XL, $24.99-37.99
just listen suicide prevention tshirt

Stop Suicide With Your Ears

#JustListen. Available in more colors, styles — women’s fit long sleeve, and sweatshirts. Sizes XS-4XL, $24.99-37.99
how to recognize symptoms of depression spiral ebook cover

How To Recognize Symptoms of Depression

13 pages. For those suspecting they may have depression or are concerned loved ones. Common + uncommon signs.
emotionally naked teachers guide to preventing suicide

Password protected: Chapter 11 and 12 for purchasers of the Emotionally Naked Guide

For buyers of the Book, Emotionally Naked: A Teacher’s Guide to Preventing Suicide and Recognizing Students at Risk. These are the resources and printable docs. PW is on page XXI, Companion Website page.
coping card ebook cover

The Coping Card Activity

This is the activity to help people define who they’d talk to if they are struggling, what matters most and numbers and resources. PPT and PDF.
coping strategies for grief and loss

Free: Coping Strategies for Grief & Loss

60-page guide for those in early grief. Written by three authors who have lost a child, two of whom died by suicide and one from a brain tumor. Includes bonus worksheets.
my son attempted suicide what do i do now

My child has been suicidal. What do I do now?

A what to do, what to say guide for caregivers. How to manage conversations & turmoil of emotions after a child you love has confessed he is suicidal, has attempted suicide, or is coming home after an inpatient hospital stay for suicide risk or attempt.
prevent suicide in our chilldren

10 Tips for Preventing Suicide in Our Children

A Guide for Parents & Caregivers. Most of us who’ve lost a child to suicide never saw signs until after. While nothing is guaranteed, these tips will help lower risk and help you have the conversation. “9 Ways to Build Resilience in Your Kids” ebook also included.
self harm safety box ebook

Free: How to Make a Self-Harm Safety Box

16 pages. A single strategy guide to end self-harm behavior. Who is this for? Those who self-harm, clinicians, parents, educators, and youth leaders. by Jody Betty and Anne Moss Rogers

Free: 9 Ways to Help Your Kids Build Resilience

12-page eBook with tips on helping kids build confidence and a toolbox for dealing with adversity by making simple shifts in parenting and teaching. Coping skills that offer lifetime benefits.
find your purpose

Free: 10 Steps to Finding Your Purpose

Finding purpose is how you add meaning to your life. This is how I found my purpose and I hope these steps help you find yours.

Free: 25 Mindfulness & Discovery Activities for Classrooms

For educators. Help students build resilience. Create a foundation of suicide prevention. Adolescents and young adults.

Free: Fishbowl Game

Activator Game for Creating Connection in Classrooms. For teachers, school counselors, other educators, and youth leaders. Free download
free ebook for supporting grieving friend

Free: The Emotionally Naked Bereavement Provider. What to say to people who’ve lost someone to suicide.

“Why did my son kill himself?” This 14-page guide helps bereavement providers, family, and friends understand suicide loss and know what to say.
gift for grieving parent

Free: Grief Journey in a Jar Kit Download- Loss of a Child

Give a drug store card. Or a gift from the heart. This kit offers once-a-day inspiration to a parent who has lost a child. The kit includes printable pages w/ grief quotes, tips, and a label jar template. Free download.
loss of a friend, sibling, spouse, parent/grandparent, partner and more

Free: Grief Journey in a Jar Kit Download- General Loss

Give a drug store card. Or a gift from the heart. This kit offers once-a-day inspiration to someone you care about who has lost a loved one. The kit includes printable pages w/ grief quotes, tips, and a label jar template. Free download.
signs of drug use ebook

Free: Signs of Drug Use

Is my loved one using drugs? Find out by downloading this free 30-page report. Become aware of behaviors, clues, and paraphernalia, physical signs that indicate drug use. Brand & generic names of addictive prescription drugs.
better back to school for kids

Free: Tips for Better Back-to-School Transitions for Parents and Educators

Help kids transition with this 3-page guide for educators and parents. Learn tips for home and classroom for building resilience and lowering anxiety.
guidelines for telling a mental health story

Free: Guidelines for Telling a Mental Health Story at a Public Event

8 pages. How to coach storytellers (including teens & young adults), safety guidelines to follow, trigger warning script, and a handout for storytellers in crafting their story.
funeral director suicide guide

Free: The Emotionally Naked Funeral Director: What to Say to People Who’ve Lost Someone to Suicide

“Why did my son kill himself?” “How could my mom suicide? Didn’t she love me?” This 19-page guide helps funeral professionals know how to respond. Free Download.
suicide and mental health ebooks

Free: Get the whole eBook Library

Get the whole free eBook library on this page by plugging in your email one time. This is for those who want more than one and it’s for your convenience.

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