“You have to have a family of support. It’s all about connection and not about throwing a loved into rehab with a ‘come back when you have fixed yourself’ attitude typical in our culture. Together we are changing the culture”
– Anne Moss Rogers

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Quote by Tom Bannard

This page has support resources for families of those suffering Substance Use Disorder as well as some for those with SUD. Many of these are located in Virginia area since I live in Richmond. There are national resources as well.

  • Peer Recovery Warm Line – Richmond, Virginia, 1-833-473-3782 (1-833-PEERRVA), 8am – midnight (hoping to make it 24/7 soon.) You don’t have to face this alone. Talk to a peer who has been through what you’ve been through and find treatment resources, recovery support, housing, food and health resources
  • List of warm lines by state– This is peer-to-peer recovery

Substance Use Disorder (Addiction) National Resources

SUD Websites

Substance Use Disorder (Addiction) Virginia and RVA Resources

National Support & Education Groups

There are several support groups in the area and many of the treatment centers have their own support groups. Here are just a few those suffering from the addiction of a loved one

  • Families Anonymous Central Virginia – Support group for families w/ children addicted or abusing drugs/alcohol
  • Families Anonymous – National. Support group for families w/ children addicted or abusing drugs/alcohol
  • Nar-Anon Family meeting/support groups– Richmond, VA Nar-Anon Family Support group -Meets at 6:45pm on Wednesdays at Trinity United Methodist Church
  • Al-Anon Meeting Locator
  • MomPower- Where love and addiction meet. The mission is to help moms with addicted children find strength, wisdom, perspective, sanity, and hope.

Family Educational Group for Substance Abuse Disorder in Richmond, VA

This is a group focused on educating families on substance abuse disorder (addiction). You will find resources, what to do next and how to use the opioid trainers. These are structured with speakers and topics each week. For anyone with a loved one with an addiction, this is a fantastic group started by area expert, Tom Bannard. More information or to get on the reminder list: Meeting times, info and location

VCU Motivate Clinic
501 N. 2nd Street, Richmond

Northstar Community
563 Southlake Blvd, Richmond, VA (Located very close to Chesterfield County)

National College Resources

From re-entry back into college after medical withdrawal to groups that can support your student. Helpful resources for students struggling with mental illness and/or Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

  • Colleges with SUD recovery programs. Most of these are aimed at addiction recovery.
  • College Re-entry –This program is dedicated to helping students with re-entry into college after having withdrawn from their studies. This could be due to any issue including a suicide attempt to loss of a parent or even due to cancer treatment.
  • Interactive Screening Program (ISP) from AFSP, American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. Those who exchanged anonymous online messages with an ISP counselor were three times more likely to enter treatment. This program is successfully used at many US colleges. It’s an anonymous online tool for students experiencing mental health issues or suicidal ideation. It’s anonymous until they make the choice to reach out. Advocates – Ask your college to implement this program. UCLA ISP Program
  • Active Minds Chapters–Active Minds is a mental health organization at colleges across the US

Virginia Area Nonprofits for Addiction

Sober World – Florida. Check out their resource page. Patricia, the site and owner/publisher of this magazine about Substance Use Disorder, has vetted her recommended resources, many of which are in Florida. The site is in memory of her son, Steven