#griefheart project

On April 11, 2016, I started posting a heart a day to help me heal on my grief journey since my son Charles’ suicide June 5, 2015. Then I slacked off and starting posting 1-2 per week.

#griefheart guidelines for submission
#griefheart guidelines for submission

The purpose? To give suicide loss survivors and those who’ve suffered the death of a loved one from addiction, permission to remember that person. Without shame. Without blame. Without guilt.

The #griefhearts represent the state of my heart in the grief journey or  honors loved ones who died by from a stigmatized illness.

It’s not all about me, it’s not all about Charles, it’s about all of us telling our stories and allowing us to share memories of our loved ones who struggled. We are allowed to speak their names without whispering and honor our own grief journey.

Heart full of love

You can message me through the contact form and I will coordinate with you regarding how to send the picture and the narrative.

If you want to see all the hearts simply go here to Pinterest or choose this category #griefheart in the sidebar of my blog. These are the #griefhearts that honor are in memorial. 

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