Mental Illness

Many of these resources can be helpful no matter where you live. And some are locally focused in Richmond, VA. Some of the nonprofits have national chapters.

How to obtain a Temporary Detention Order (TDO) in Virginia -A magistrate may issue a medical temporary detention order if an adult is incapable of making in informed decision to accept necessary medical treatment. A medical temporary detention order allows the person to be detained for 24 hours to permit necessary medical treatment for a person over 18. The police in Richmond only transport and stand by until the TDO is issued.

NAMI Central Virginia 2018 Resource Guide

Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Training

VA Non-Profit Resources for Mental Health

College Resources

From re-entry back into college after medical withdrawal to groups that can support your student. Helpful resources for students struggling with mental illness and/or Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

  • Colleges with SUD recovery programs. Most of these are aimed at addiction recovery.
  • College Re-entry –This program is dedicated to helping students with re-entry into college after having withdrawn from their studies. This could be due to any issue including a suicide attempt to loss of a parent or even due to cancer treatment.
  • Interactive Screening Program (ISP) from AFSP, American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. Those who exchanged anonymous online messages with an ISP counselor were three times more likely to enter treatment. This program is successfully used at many US colleges. It’s an anonymous online tool for students experiencing mental health issues or suicidal ideation. It’s anonymous until they make the choice to reach out. Advocates – Ask your college to implement this program. UCLA ISP Program
  • It’s Real: College Students and Mental Health– There is a 20 minute film for incoming college freshmen and for high school juniors and seniors from the American foundation of suicide prevention as well. Your local AFSP chapter in Washington would have access to that and could arrange for it to be shown at venues in your area. I don’t know if you have events or not but this might be a good event to have to start the conversation and prevent suicide. They premiered it at the January 2017 leadership conference in CA to which I was invited to attend.
  • Hold a Campus Out of the Darkness Walk– This can be for high school or college and illustrates support to those who suffer suicidal ideation
  • Active Minds Chapters–Active Minds is a mental health organization at colleges across the US posts about depression & mental illness