About Charles

This is the memory page for Charles Aubrey Rogers who died by suicide June 5, 2015. Enormously popular and the funniest person I ever knew, Charles touched the lives of thousands.

He was a creative genius who loved crazy hats and crazy socks, people, acting, and writing rap music. He was a talented and prolific writer with the ability to freestyle on the spot. He left notebooks of his music around which I wrote our family’s story which helped me understand the “why” behind suicide and addiction.

He suffered from ADHD, a rare sleep disorder called DSPS for most of his life as well as depression, anxiety and a heroin addiction towards the end of his life. He died by suicide June 5, 2015 and it was a hanging.

He had a sixth sense about people who were hurting. And he’d always reach out to the hurting, the underdog, the rejected. As funny and as talented as Charles was, his greatest gift was letting others know they mattered. That is something each of us can do today, starting right now.

Last family picture before Charles death by suicide
Last family picture before Charles death by suicide
Charles' album cover for reezinrap.com
Charles’ album cover for the album he was producing. reezinrap.com

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