Diary of a Broken Mind

I am an LCSW and college instructor in a Human Services program. This is a deeply moving book that I will be recommending to my students..” Mary C., LICSW

diary of a broken mind
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Diary of a Broken Mind: A Mother’s Story, a Son’s Suicide and the Haunting Lyrics He left Behind (Memoir)- $27.95

by Anne Moss Rogers with lyrics by Charles Rogers

Description: The funniest, most popular kid in school, Charles Aubrey Rogers, suffered from depression and later addiction, then died by suicide. Diary of a Broken Mind focuses on the relatable story of what led to his suicide at age 20 and answers the “why” behind his addiction and this cause of death revealed through both a mother’s story and years of Charles’ published and unpublished song lyrics. The closing chapters focus on hope and healing– and how the author found her purpose and forgave herself.

“This book is written beautifully by Ann Moss Rogers and her son–haunting to read at times. I could not put the book down and read it in less than 24 hours because it took me in completely…” Carolyn Clemmons


Diary of a Broken Mind is listed among these must-read books in 2022.

2020 New York Book Award Winner (Biography/Autobiography/Memoir), 2020 Best Book Award Finalist (Health: Addiction & Recovery), 2020 International Book Award Finalist (Health: Psychology/Mental Health), 2020 Library of Virginia Literary Award Nominee (Nonfiction), and 2020 Reader’s Favorite Award Winner (Nonfiction: Grief/Hardship).

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Note: I do not necessarily recommend this book to the newly bereaved. It is a memoir. Grief books here.

Anne Moss and her late son Charles bring tragedy, hope, and healing through the pages of Diary of a Broken Mind. The unimaginable pain and suffering that countless American families go through as a result of a loved one’s addiction and suicide is real. Through the lens of her son’s musical lyrics, Anne Moss Rogers explores the question these families ask themselves … Why? And throughout the process, we all learn how to find purpose—even through some of our darkest moments.”

Anne Moss Rogers is probably the most resilient person I know. She has managed to turn grief into action, and she is a suicide prevention champion. … I have been to the Pediatric Academic Society Conference for two decades and I have never seen any [other] speaker receive a standing ovation. She was powerful, she was moving.

“Families who have or are struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety, and suicide will find compassion and solace in this book, and those who haven’t will admire Anne Moss’ compelling and descriptive writing style, as well as her resilience and honesty. ”—MARGARET THOMPSON, RICHMOND FAMILY MAGAZINE

Published August 2021- Emotionally Naked: A Teacher’s Guide to Preventing Suicide and Recognizing Students at Risk
Publisher: Jossey-Bass, a division of Wiley Publishing

teachers book for suicide prevention
A Teacher’s Guide to Preventing Suicide and Recognizing Students at Risk by Anne Moss Rogers and Kimberly O’Brien PhD, LICSW
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