I’ve never written anything like this

By Shannon G. 

I saw a friend “like” one the blog posts here on addiction and I ended
Your “How To Hang Yourself” post had my heart racing.

I decided I was going to chime in.

I’ve been a mental illness/suicide advocate for a few years now, but I’ve never written anything like this. I just went with read more

Remembering Scott Neal Zebrowski

by Jill Cichowicz

Scott Neal Zebrowski

“I just want to see the twins turn 40,” my Father had eerily written to my siblings when we were 38 years old.

In my heart, I knew Scott would never see 40.

But I kept that to myself for fear if I said it out loud it would come true. We just celebrated our 40th birthday on June read more

Send your selfies!

Model your Emotionally Naked T-shirt so I can add it to my gallery. I want to make some quick videos with the tribe! Like the one below.

Seventeen seconds.

I didn’t get all of you in this round. But I will be making more of these! I’ve been playing with this new toy, Adobe Spark.

Charles read more

Nar-anon saved my sanity

by Jenny Derr

In June of 2014 I wrote an email to a blogger friend, who had a pretty wide network. We had just taken Billy to another treatment facility and I was feeling pretty alone and sad.

Here is an excerpt of the letter I sent:

“I have really been thinking of your Widen the Circle post, read more

We didn’t sign up just for the pretty part

Do you support someone in recovery? If so, you can’t bail when it gets ugly. When you decided to do that, you had to know it might not go well at some point and that person might relapse. You don’t have to give them money or things but it’s never wrong to tell someone who suffers read more

I lost my father, David Lawrence Sanders, to suicide

by Amy Schmidt

In memory of David Lawrence Sanders December 13, 1949 – February 11, 1981

It was February 11, 1981. That was the day my whole universe changed. I was 7 years old and I remember walking into the kitchen, seeing my mom holding the phone in her hand. Tears were streaming down her pale face, with what I now recognize as a look of shock and grief. I tried asking read more

Delivered our first Preventure manuals!

It was exciting to deliver the first Preventure manuals for our pilot starting in the fall. We hear about the NIH grant in June 2018. One of the recommendations from the CDC was to teach coping and problem solving skills and promote social connectedness, two things this program does.

The reason read more

I don’t know how you can do this!

Teresa McBean

This is absolutely, hands down, the most common thing people ever say to me about my job as a pastor of a recovery church.

Most common question: “What in the world compelled you to THIS?”  I get it.  Recovery is hard.

The easy response to both the statement and question is to tell the truth:  read more

How can faith leaders help with the addiction and suicide crisis?

Bulletin today from the republican leaders who invited faith leaders to learn more about community issues.

A panel discussion today with faith leaders and republican leaders got me to thinking how this group could help make a dent in this crisis. No matter what your political leaning, this is a nonpartisan issue and will take an effort from all sides.

As community leaders to whom others confide their darkest read more

What stories am I looking for?

submit your story

1. Stories from people of color

I see that suicide and addiction affects all races. Whether you are African American, Indian or Latino or something else, I’d like to hear how stigma is in your cultural community.

2. Stories from the LGBTQ community

Suicide rates are high in this community and I’d like those who identify as LGTBQ to contribute

3. Speaking opportunities to diverse places of worship

Always looking read more