The day after I died

I wanted someone to ask me. I wanted someone, anyone, to stop me.

You didn’t ask. Probably because you didn’t know to ask. I wanted you to come get me. Save me from myself.

I know I didn’t say it. I know you didn’t know where I was.

Why didn?t I ask you? Why didn?t read more

Stop it damn it. Orthopedic surgeons quit prescribing 30 days of opiates!

Dear Orthopedic Surgeons,

How many news reports, stories of overdoses do you need before you stop prescribing one and two months of highly addictive opiates? Do you orthos live under a rock? Have you seen the news? Eighty percent of the global opioid supply is consumed in the United States. That?s read more

Speaking out takes courage. Tell your story in the comments

We need to share our stories about addiction, mental illness, grief overdose and suicide. We must talk about our family’s pain as it relates to the illness of addiction and mental illness because it’s a family issue.

The stories shared with me to post here on emotionally naked read more

I am done! The refueling comment

Every once in a while I had to make this declaration.

It meant, “I’m done for today.”

It meant, “Time out!”

I needed to give my brain a break from the emotional mayhem of caring for a stubborn child that suffered from anxiety, depression and addiction. I needed that read more

Billy Derr’s Story

Jenny Derr and Billy Derr

By Jenny Derr, his mother

In April of 2016, our 24-year-old son, Billy was visiting us in Richmond. We had a good weekend–he was engaged, laughing, and spending a lot of time with us, which is not the typical behavior of someone in active addiction.

He had relapsed in October 2015, after a year read more

Dawson Pettit’s Story

by Laurie Pettit

My son Dawson, my first child, was born February 13, 1988. He was such a happy baby and he grew up in the Wyndham area of Short Pump. He loved school, his friends, his pets and his family–especially his cousin Grayson.

Dawson played little league baseball, YMCA basketball, read more

The hall of fame comment from Matt’s naked soul

This post is for you Matt.

Those with ‘lived experience’ are those who suffer suicidal thoughts and may or may not have had a suicide attempt. We need to listen to them. We need to honor their struggle. We need to be there for them.

A little background first

So I have been in marketing and advertising since read more

Joshua Giannini leaves video suicide letters of love


Note from Anne Moss: I sent an email to my most engaged readers and asked if they wanted to share their story. Diane responded right away and has shared with all of us the final videos from her son. They are a gift. And they are heartbreaking.  Thank you Diane.

We are doing so little in read more

Adderall abuse normalized among high achievers

Using stimulants or amphetamines like Adderall or Ritalin, has become commonplace for students that take these in their drive to succeed in high schools and colleges across the US. These stimulants are commonly abused by high school and college students that do not suffer from ADD or ADHD.

From read more