Do you want me to speak at your high school on suicide prevention and SUD?

testimonial about a high school mental health speaker
15 year old student, Cosby High School

I have a list of high schools, however, you might want to request that I speak to a high school near you. If so, please list the name of the school and add other information about that school on the Google form below. That form will populate a spreadsheet from which I will work those contacts.

I will be sending an actual paper letter in an envelope to the principals of these high schools and follow up with phone call and an email.

At this time, I am focusing on high schools and … Read more...

Addiction is a Geyser

by Jon Farrow

Addiction is living a life only you understand. Your addiction is your security blanket. It is always there when you need it. No matter how dark the nights get you know you can rely on it.

Addiction is being two people at once. There’s the person constantly reminding you what you’re doing is wrong and unhealthy. Then there’s the person telling you your substance of choice is the only way to keep living.

After a while you begin to become confused as to which person you truly are. You question yourself, “Do I ever really want to … Read more...

When your loved one suffers mental illness and addiction

What frustrated me about Charles’ treatment was how the behavioral health community silo-ed treatment. When he was using, the advice was to treat the substance use disorder first. He was not addicted at this point.

I didn’t know Charles was suffering from thoughts of suicide and no one ever suggested or gave him a suicide screening or did a proper psychological evaluation to offer a diagnosis. I kept asking for a diagnosis and it’s still shocking that no one ever did that evaluation. I never shut up about it but apparently they found me very easy to ignore.

How does …

Are you feeling fulfilled?

by Alden Gregory

It’s easy to be busy. Our schedules are filled with appointments to attend, lists to mark off, tasks to finish, deadlines to meet, and goals to accomplish.

We can go through the motions of our days without thinking of much else. We wonder if we should pursue a deeper purpose or loftier goals. But when the boxes are checked and the day has come to an end, when we are given a moment to be alone with our thoughts, why don’t we feel complete?

Our lives are often made whole by …

Met Beth Macy, author of Dopesick

I saw many friends tonight at a book signing event and it was a pleasure to hear Beth Macy, author of Dopesick tell the story behind the writing of her book. Seeing a female writer from Virginia do well is inspiring.

I handed out Diary of Broken Mind book marks. It wasn’t a case of me poaching her customers as these attendees had already bought the book. And they needed a bookmark to keep their place, right?


Support groups aren’t therapy but they are therapeutic

Whether it’s a group of peers, or loved ones gathering in regards to the addiction, mental illness or death of a loved one, support groups are one of the best options for recovery. And yes, even the loved ones need recovery.

Some people think support groups are a bunch of tree-hugging hippies, wearing robes, singing kumbaya while swaying back and forth holding hands. Many people struggle for years, yet resist attending a support group. Excuses range from, “It takes too much time” to “They’ll not be my kind of people.”

I have a news flash for you. There will be … Read more...

Diary of a Broken Mind available now!

Book’s Introduction

It’s out! So how can you help? First, please share this post. Launch is tonight!

Between those book covers, there is a lot of pain, anger, laughter, purpose, healing, hope, and heart. I do feel a little naked and a lot vulnerable but I’m less terrified today than I was two weeks ago. And yeah, excited. I’ve woken up at 4:30am for the past two weeks.

I have had initial feedback from advance readers and so far so good. A good launch is important and that has to do with sales so here are some … Read more...

The raw grief of losing the love of my life to addiction

by Emily

I lost my boyfriend, Benjamin on August 9, 2019 to his battle with addiction–IV coke and meth.

I won’t go through our three years together because it’s not important. But as someone who loves an addict we all know how difficult, sad, lonely, lost, confused and broken we all are watching someone we love completely become a shell of themselves. Being one person, and then hours later becoming a completely different person. Going through the cycle over and over.

The longest he was clean in the last three years was 30 days. Although, he’d been using 5 years … Read more...

‘Diary of a Broken Mind’ is not for the newly bereaved

Diary of a broken mind Charles Aubrey Rogers

Few authors un-sell their book. However, I just want to be sensitive to those who might not be in the place to read it yet. A number of people have asked. And while there may be newly bereaved who need it and can read it, it could be triggering for some. This book is is memoir, not a grief book. So it’s not for everyone at any time. If you are currently not feeling very stable, for example, you’d may make the choice to wait.

For a preview to help you decide, the introduction is here.

It is for those …

Sharing my book’s introduction


So play this when your day is gray,
when hope is dim
When happiness is growing slim
Listen to me rap then reverse the grim
Burn the hurt,
let my words do the work
—Silver Lining, by Charles Aubrey Rogers

When the police delivered the news that my youngest son, Charles, had died by suicide, my heart seized and, in the split second before my lungs could find air and the wails of my soul in agony could erupt, I had the urge to yell, “You have it all wrong. … Read more...