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Pre-order the book, Diary of a Broken Mind – $16.95, paperback

It will ship internationally from Fountain Bookstore once published. Estimated time of arrival in the US would be before or on October 1, 2019.

Publisher: Beach Glass Books

Book Description: 

The funniest, most popular kid in school, Charles Aubrey Rogers, suffered from depression, addiction, and died by suicide. Diary of a Broken Mind focuses on the relatable story of what lead to Charles’ suicide at age twenty and answers the “why” behind his addiction and this cause of death, revealed through a mother’s story and years of his … Read more...

Confessions of a teenage addict

by AC Osberg

I had my first drink of alcohol when I was 12 and smoked my first joint at the same age. I did feel like I had to at the time because I wanted to fit in. Fitting in is so important to preteens and teens it is just the way their brains are wired. 

At this stage in life I felt like I needed to know who I was and to get away from the control of my parents. I felt like my world was opening up and was able to see my family for what it was—messed … Read more...

Jilly’s hearts —#griefheart number 293

These are my grief socks and it’s an odd comfort to wear them. These were given to my daughter, Jilly, at Christmas. We have a tradition of buying everybody crazy socks.

Jilly hadn’t even worn these yet. It took my heart back when I saw them. Because when I found them I had already seen the symbol on Anne Moss’ e-book.

Jilly is my daughter who died by overdose. And this #griefheart is in her memory.

Note from Anne Moss: I’ve not posted a #griefheart in a while and some of you may not know of this project. But Read more...

Tom Bannard on the Podcast, Atheists in Recovery

Atheists in Recovery podcast addresses the spiritual and scientific belief systems of people in long term recovery in order to deconstruct limiting thought patterns, and introduce new behaviors and routines you can use. It is hosted by my friend Adina Sylvestri, the founder at Life Cycles Counseling with 14 years of counseling experience.

She specializes in treating women with substance abuse issues, individuals struggling with anger management, and helping children who have experienced trauma lead full and healthy lives.

This podcast features Tom Bannard, CADC, MBA, the Program Coordinator for Rams in Recovery at Virginia Commonwealth University. Tom is … Read more...

Grief is like a chronic disease

by Omar Abubaker, D.M.D, Ph.D.

Dr. Abubaker and his son, Adam, on the left who died from overdose.

By the definition of the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics,  a chronic disease is one lasting three months or more, and generally cannot be prevented by vaccines or cured by medication, nor do they just disappear on their on its own.

Some chronic diseases include cancer, diabetes, mental illness, cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension or high blood pressure, and respiratory diseases such as asthma, and emphysema.

Despite many advances in medicine over the past one hundred years, and despite better understanding … Read more...

What is Anticipatory Grief?

by Jenny Derr

Jordan, Jenny and Billy

Three years ago I came across a passage on Anticipatory Grief.

Anticipatory Grief
“There are numerous obstacles that inhibit family recovery from addiction. One of the most critical is the cumulative effects of anticipatory grief.  Anticipatory Grief (AG) is a process through which grieving begins in expectation of an imminent loss.  It is the rehearsal- the progressive letting go-that unfolds as a loved one’s behavior might lead to death.

AG is particularly evident when families have experienced numerous near-death experiences of a family member, such as when a loved one with addiction overdoses. Read more...

I lost my grandaughter, Elizabeth Jarrard, to overdose

by Betty Schnellenberger

Elizabeth Bryan Jarrard was my first granddaughter so that made her special plus she was my namesake. She had riotous curls every mother wants for her little girl. Elizabeth became an Army brat early born at Ft. Bragg and moving to her dad’s other posts including Alaska and Belgium.

At each move every three years every school district proved more difficult for her academically. When my son in law finally retired to Frisco, TX we hoped she would find her place amount lasting friends at the last high school; however that began her descent into a very … Read more...

Greed drives a disregard for human life

A drug database maintained by the Drug Enforcement Administration that tracks the path of every single pain pill sold in the United States reveals an unprecedented look at the surge of legal pain pills that fueled the prescription opioid epidemic.

And while we’ve focused on Purdue Pharmaceuticals, it turns out that a company located where I live in Richmond, VA, Mckesson, was actually the number one distributor of opioids– selling and pushing over fourteen billion pills between 2006 -2012. Purdue was actually fourth.

Both the drug companies and the pharmacies fought the release of this drug database. And a West … Read more...

Turning Pain into Purpose

This was presentation to FABwomen. I love the audience there and always feel so connected. The sound on this video is not the greatest due to a corrupt sound card.

What do I offer that other speakers don’t?

  • Even though it’s a serious subject, I laugh and the audience does, too
  • I don’t make the audience feel guilty for having living children
  • I let people inside
  • I want to be with the people in the audience both on and off stage
  • I am not bitter
  • I leave the audience with hope and ways to heal
  • I help people understand

Addiction resources and ideas

Shared by Evelyn Zak, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor

RVA Light is a Richmond VA coffee shop that supports those in recovery

Here are some national, regional and local Richmond, VA resources for those in the addiction and recovery community. There are many here that have that, “Wow, that’s cool vibe.” So if it’s not in your area, it may be an idea that inspires you. At the bottom are recommended books and movies.

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)– National

12-step support– National