THC, young minds, and suicide

by Bart Bright

Bart, his wife, his now-deceased son, Kevin

My son, Kevin, died by suicide on August 14, 2018. He was 29.

The last articulate words I heard him speak were, “Cannabis has ruined my life.” He suffered many episodes of Cannabis Induced Psychosis, a diagnosis in the DSM-5. Over the last two years, I have communicated with hundreds of parents whose children have suffered from Cannabis Induced Psychosis.

In Colorado in 2017, marijuana was present in the blood of 32% of suicides, ages 15 to 19 according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. My friend Laura Stack lost her son to suicide, also. He suffered from CIP and days before he jumped to his death he told Laura, “Mom, I just want you to know you were right. …You told me marijuana would hurt my brain. Marijuana has ruined my mind and my life. I’m sorry, and I love you.” Laura wrote a book called “The Dangerous Truth about today’s Marijuana.”

Woodstock pot was about 2-3% THC. Today, many young people are Vaping and Dabbing 70 to 90% THC, every day! (Note: Many places in Europe consider anything over 15% THC a hard drug.)

It’s not “Just Pot” anymore…


Content warning: Strong Emotional Content.  

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