My husband’s reaction to my manuscript

With my husband’s permission, I posted the message he sent after finishing my book. It took him a few months. It was understandably hard for him.

I get it.

Last week there was more editing that needed to be done on the most difficult chapters which involves putting myself in the back of that read more

Love this article in the Progress Index

Reporters at some of the largest and most prestigious newspapers in the country don’t use the accepted phrase “died by suicide” instead of the “committed” phrase. But this regional paper got it right. A lot of education for the public in this article. 


Standing on the big red dot. TEDx Grace Street Women

tedx speaker richmond va

I’ve been about to bust with this news. I’ve applied twice as a TEDx speaker and not made it but this was invitation only. I thought they had all their speakers lined up back in September until someone on the committee surprised me by putting my name in the hat.

It was competitive. read more

Why would you buy and read my book?

OK. I need your help.  Before you answer that question, I want you to know that you guys are the reason this book got written.

For the last three years, you have been asking me, “So when are you going to write a book?” Or, “Anne Moss, you need to write a book.” So I did. read more

Article in Sober World

See my latest article in Sober World on Addiction and Suicide.

How Could I Wish it Had Been an Overdose?

My husband and I had just had dinner at a restaurant when he got a call on his mobile phone. The officer who called said they’d meet us in the parking lot and didn’t say what it was about. When they did arrive, I got in the back read more

Meeting humility face to face

Back in 2010 when things with my youngest son, Charles, started to go off the rails, I had to come face to face with my parental pride.

I had to readjust, accept, and alter my expectations. I had to face people who blamed our family’s problems on my unworthiness as a parent. I had to figure read more

Facebook Depression

by Jon Farrow

I recently saw the story of Alexandra Valoras while watching the CBS Evening News. It is an incredibly tragic story. Alexandra’s story highlights that there can be overwhelming pain behind a smile. One part of the story caught my eye. CBS News referenced suicide statistics read more

To those who think, ‘I’m not qualified to talk to someone who is suicidal’

Suicidal thoughts start off less intense then become unbearable before they taper off. Sometimes it’s one peak and sometimes it can be another peak in there

It scares you when someone tells you they are thinking of suicide.  Or when you recognize the signs in social media. The fear sets in and you think you are not qualified. Because it freaks you out. It feels like a huge responsibility.

First, you are not supposed to fix this. For that, you are not read more