Speaking at Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine Family Program

Families, community members, professionals that are educated about addiction have the best outcomes. It’s as simple as that. I hope to see you at this VCAM event.


Addiction: It’s not Personal- They behave the way they do because they are not well


  • It’s not your fault
  • Perpetuation of shame and how it figures into recovery
  • The importance of connection
  • Signs of suicide and what to do
  • The importance of finding support
  • It’s not just their recovery, it’s ours, too

My time slot: 12:30-1:30pm
Audience: Families who have a loved one with SUD, community members and professionals.


What to say to a friend who tells you they want to suicide

What Do You Say Concept

First, tell your friend you are honored they trust you enough to tell you. And the number one most important thing you can do is listen with empathy.

So what does that mean? Listening with empathy means you listen without passing judgement or offering advice. You can’t “fix” this but you can prevent a suicide simply by sitting and listening to someone.

So what do you say exactly?

When they say they want to suicide, you can say. “Tell me more, I’m listening.” If you can’t remember anything else on this post, you can remember … Read more...

My teen just lost a friend to suicide. How can I help my child?

Digital StillCamera

Unresolved loss is an underlying reason for a lot of substance misuse/addiction as well as a contributing factor for completed suicide.

We think of children as resilient but that doesn’t mean they “get over it.” Grief is not something that just goes away, you simply learn to live with it. If you love someone, it hurts to lose them. Unresolved loss is the result of trying to avoid the grief or going silent on the subject altogether.

I couldn’t avoid the pain of losing Charles when he died by suicide And no other hurt I ever experienced was … Read more...

Where can you help with this blog or promoting the book?

October 1, 2019 is the publish date for the book. And since you guys have been asking, I made a quick list of how you can help me with the blog and the book and de-stigmatize mental illness, addiction, suicide and grief. Pick one or more than one. It’s up to you. Whatever you do helps.

Encourage people to join the subscriber tribe list to win an advance copy of the book, a post publish copy of the book, or just because you think it could help them or the cause. You can share this page.

If you’ve not

Article in Richmond Free Press

Anne Moss Rogers wants to foster a “culture of connection” to help prevent suicide. Being selected as the 2019 recipient of the YWCA’s Pat Asch Fellowship for Social Justice will help her achieve that goal……..

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A Toastmasters story to warm your heart

A story shared by W Joseph Stegner

A snippet of Joseph’s poem. Link to the entire poem at the bottom of the post.

“Anne Moss Nimocks Rogers, I had occasion to share copies of your blog post, which includes “Be Like a Phoenix,” tonight, at San Leandro Toastmasters. A fellow artist within the club reached out on Facebook, expressing her need and request for help, with all the classic cues to the proximity of the edge she was on the verge of surrendering to.

Thanks to a friend and fellow Toastmaster, Stephen Dolgin, he saw the post … Read more...

Tara offers a testimonial and a personal story of her own

When I tell my story, others in the audience are inspired to tell theirs. And that’s the conversation and connection I want to happen.

You never know who in the audience is touched by mental illness, substance misuse or both. Most everyone has someone in their life effected by either one.

And when I speak, oftentimes people in the audience tell us stories they’ve never told anyone. Tara has actually tried to talk about her best friend with others. But conversation about the friend she wants to remember is often met with disdain and judgement because we don’t understand suicide. … Read more...

Students looking up ways to die. Is your college on this list?

I monitor the traffic from colleges to a page on my site written specifically to capture those searching for a particular way to kill themselves. I do this because suicide is the #2 cause of death at colleges and over the years, I have been able to identify trends and wondering if I might be able to see some patterns over time.

These are my statistics for my website only and don’t represent the volume of searches of this phrase.

I will put a link to the page I’m referring to but offer a trigger warning for vulnerable individuals. Here … Read more...

How did I smile through the client lunch when my son was in jail?

How did I manage a professional image when my personal life was falling apart?

No one’s life goes perfect for an entire professional career. Divorces, sudden illness or death of a loved one and more can throw our neatly folded life off balance. At some point, personal pain leaks into any carefully constructed professional space. After all, the two personas inhabit the same body and brain.

I have been in that place. I know it, I’ve felt it and the memory of it as I write this article has me typing through tears. There was a time when I struggled … Read more...

Guest on Steven Frain’s Sister Podcast

podcast about suicide
Quote credit: Christine Langley-Ogbaugh

Podcast hosts, Samantha Bennington and Pamella Jean developed a life-long friendship after meeting in the late 1990’s. They always knew their special friendship would stand the test of time, but they never anticipated sharing a tragic bond of each losing a family member they deeply loved to suicide.

Their podcast (named after Pamella’s brother Steven who took his life) aims to provide coping tools for people experiencing helplessness who are dealing with suicide loss, fears a loved one is contemplating taking their own life or a person with suicidal thoughts that may feel too paralyzed to … Read more...