The last 72 hours

By Lauresa Woolfolk

Sean M. Quigley, 13. This was taken at a Bar Mitzvah a few ­­­­­­months before he died by suicide.

Friday, January 9, 2004: The Last Day

I’ll never forget that day; it was the last day I saw my best friend’s face. We were in the 8th grade, and we were ending the academic day to begin our weekend. Originally, he was going to spend the evening with a mutual close friend and me, but he opted to go home.

In retrospect, Sean didn’t seem fine, but the excitement of our school’s sporting events clouded my judgment … Read more...

I hurt those around me who love me

by Gor Rivenshield


Author’s note: this is neither wholly irrational nor rational. There is a method to my madness, and madness to my method. This is a perspective, a state of mind; not a statement of fact but a report from the shadows most dare not report on.

I am a monster. I am a burden. I hurt those around me who love me. I hurt those around me who don’t even know I exist. I hurt myself. I hurt.

The previous paragraph is not rational in an objective sense. I know this, intellectually. I can and have run rings … Read more...

Suicide: Say this, not that

Don’t say: You have so much to live for!
Say instead: Tell me more about how you feel

Don’t say: You shouldn’t feel that way. You have so much going for you.
Say instead: How long have you been feeling this way?

Don’t say: Promise me you won’t attempt suicide
Instead say: Please put me on your call list if you are struggling. And while we’re at it, let’s put in some crisis lines now.

Don’t say: I remember when I had a breakup and I got over it and you will to. You’ll find someone else.
Instead say: That …

Diary of a Broken Mind eBook now available

We did the first round of auditions today for the audiobook. And the ebook is up online in all countries there is an amazon. If your country is not listed below, go to your Amazon site and search for, “diary of a broken mind anne moss rogers.”

eBook, Diary of a Broken Mind, United States

ebook, Diary of a Broken Mind, U.K.

ebook, Diary of a Broken Mind, Canada

ebook, Diary of a Broken Mind, Australia

ebook, Diary of a Broken Mind, Germany

ebook, Diary of a Broken Mind, India

Amazon author page

It will be on iTunes soon. And …

My night in the woods

by Mimi Bordeaux

I am driving very fast for I have a destination and I want to get there. Multiple drugs coursing through my bloodstream.

I have my instrument of death. I can’t remember when I last ate, my appetite as extinct as my sleep. Rolling over up and down in the sheets for three months restless as a snake. Sleep depravation ravages one’s soul to a ghostly wan draft.

I move from the loungeroom saying goodbye to an oblivious mother down in the garage. My souped-up old sports car, a Toyota Celica is heavy and reliable. I back out … Read more...

Boomtown Radio Interview

Anne Moss Rogers and Michael Guida on the Boomtown Morning Show.

Interview on Boomtown radio Wednesday which is Boomer Magazine day about the book, Diary of a Broken Mind.

Here is a link to the review below at Boomer Magazine.


Father’s view: Sex and intimacy after loss of a child

by Gary

sex and intimacy after loss of a child from a man's point of view

Males are different psychologically and emotionally. My wife and I lost our 17-year-old son after he died suicide on Nov. 7, 2019. The grief is overwhelming, strangling, choking, at times.

I’ll not attempt to convey the grief. One understands, or one does not.

The intimacy of coitus with my wife is the deepest of (the many of) my connections with her, encompassing my love, my emotional and psychological attachment, reaffirmation, on every possible plane you could imagine.

Males are always subconsciously tense, on guard. The old stereotype complaint, his falling asleep after making love? Criticized, some women never … Read more...

Why did my dad kill himself? Didn’t he love me?

To be clear, my father did not die by suicide. My son Charles did but this is a question I hear often. Why would a dad who had children take his life? Why would a mom kill herself when she has children? How could a parent not realize what their death by suicide might do to their child? How could my dad (or mom) leave me like that?

The problem is that people think of suicide as a choice

The myth of suicide is that someone is pondering their future and decides to take the easy way out and end … Read more...

Suicide is not a crime in Virginia makes it past first hurdle

suicide is not a crime in virginia team
The team with Delegate Kory. From left Anne Moss Rogers, Andrea Walker, Rob Krupicka, Kaye Kory, Sharon Webster

URGENT call to action: Decriminalize Suicide in Virginia- Updated 2/3/2020

HB 1063– Delegate Kaye Kory has introduced house bill 1063 “A Bill to amend the Code of Virginia by adding a section numbered 18.2-16.1, relating to “abolishing the common-law crime of suicide in Virginia.”

It went to the court of justice subcommittee, then civil subcommittee, now back to the court of justice full committee, Wed. Feb 5 in the afternoon. Please do the following quick and easy action … Read more...

First safeTALK training!

Do you want to schedule a safeTALK training for your group or business? Contact me, Anne Moss Rogers.

I tested the sound twice. And I got there early in the morning to test it again and the room was locked. I searched for anyone and finally ran into a custodian who got me in touch with security to open the door. Hurray! But no time to test sound again because it was time to start.

Ugh. Sound was lame but I found a workaround. Not perfect but it worked well enough. (It’s … Read more...