Emotionally Naked car door inspires conversation

emotionally naked car magnet

I forget this magnet is on my car.

I?ll be inside the car and someone will ask or walk out from inside a store with a curious look on their face. ?What?s that mean?? It always takes me a second to realize what they?re talking about since I can?t see the sign read more

Saddened by Chester Bennington’s Suicide

chesterNational Suicide Hotlines
Suicide hotline in the US 1-800-273-8255
Crisis text line. Text the word HELP to 741-741
Veteran’s Services 1-800-273-8255, press 1
Veteran’s Text line send HELP to 838-255

Virginia Crisis Intervention
Richmond Behavioral Health Authority 804-819-4100

It?s read more

Firearm retailer refuses to make a sale on gut feeling

Richmond, VA–Video by Judy Wolf of FACES, a member of the Chesterfield Suicide Prevention Coalition

I am not going to argue on the second amendment. Efforts on either side of that subject are very political and have not resulted in a lower suicide rate.  This post is ?Switzerland? read more

Honoring Ronnie Lewis Farrow with ‘The #URock Project’

Ronnie Lewis Farrow urock-project

by Jon Farrow

As much as I would like to, I will never forget March 16th, 2014.

My now wife and I had just started dating when I texted to tell her that we wouldn?t talk for a few days. I?m sure it put her on edge, but her response was she hoped everything was okay and that she was read more

I wear the face of a clown. When is the smile not real?

I posted David Matthews story about his daughter Allison and for that post, I searched for a photo on Google.

The suicide was highly publicized.  She died by suicide shortly after moving to California due to PPD, Postpartum Depression. No one knew about it.

I think new moms in particular feel intense read more

ASQ Suicide Screening Tool Meeting with NIMH

Amy Goldstein; Maryland Pao, M.D., Clinical Director, NIMH, Melissa Ealey BN; Anne Moss Rogers, Pres of Beacon Tree Foundation,; Lisa Horwitz, PhD, MPH NIMH; Liza Lanzillo,
Amy Goldstein, Psychologist, Child and Adolescent Mental Health ABG Strategies, LLC; Maryland Pao, M.D., Clinical Director, NIMH; Melissa Earley RN, BSN; Anne Moss Rogers, Pres Beacon Tree Foundation; Lisa Horowitz, PhD, MPH NIMH; Liza Lanzillo, Postbaccalaureate IRTA, Office of the Clinical Director, NIMH; Deborah Snyder MSW-LCSW-C, NIMH

The ASQ Suicide Screening Tool is an evidence-based 4/5-question suicide risk screening tool for ages 10-24. The tool has been used in emergency rooms and pediatric hospitals in the US.

Locally, Dr. Ted Abernathy has been using this tool in his pediatric practice on wellness visits for ages 12 and read more

Mile marker heart— #griefheart number 250

Mile marker heart

My heart feels like it has traveled a thousand miles. At moments, I feel I’m at the beginning of the trail. Other days I realize how far I’ve come since losing my son to suicide.

It?s been a long, painful journey?two steps forward, one step back and then forward again.  As read more

Bernie Madoff’s son’s suicide. And why I think Bernie committed fraud

wizard of lies

I recently saw the HBO special, Wizard of Lies–the story about Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. It’s a HBO movie based on true facts.

I had some thoughts on Mark Madoff’s suicide as well as what drove Bernie Madoff to commit the 65 billion dollar fraud of the century.

The media

Any read more

My daughter, Allison Goldstein, died from post postpartum depression

by David Matthews

Amy Goldstein died by suicide after suffering PPD just weeks after moving

It’s said that in combat you never hear the rifle shot that kills you. When learning of the loss of a loved one, however, the opposite is true – the phone rings, you answer it and then nothing – you just go numb.

We received the call that our daughter, read more

Maggie Music

maggie moyler
Maggie Moyler

by Charlotte Moyler

Music has various effects on my soul. Since my daughter died, I find some songs unbearable to listen to. Several songs bring emotions that I feel ill prepared to experience.

You’re Beautiful by James Blunt came on my car radio as I was driving this morning. When I recognized the read more