Runway 2 Life

Me and Stephanie Cole, walk co-chair for this years Out of the Darkness walk in Richmond 

Runway 2 Life, a fashion show in support of suicide prevention training, was tonight. I thought I was in New York. Everything was so well done and the venue at Main Street Station so elegant. Best of all, the event attracts people we don’t often see at other mental health and suicide prevention events. It truly is special.

My hat is off to Alicia, founder, and Michelle, her worthy right hand woman volunteer, for all their hard work. And I had to run … Read more...

Note in the book from my publisher


This book is a departure. It is a departure, certainly, for Beach Glass Books. Our catalogue is replete with coastal books and historical books. We have published children’s books and books of true crime and essays, with novels on the way.

But never have we published a book like this.

Few have. This book is a departure even from others that one might think are in the genre. Books about the suicides of young people are available. But books that take a reader deep into the life of a family whose child dies by suicide, with telling recollection … Read more...

I just want to end the pain

Your brain is telling you need to die. The pain is so unbearable, you start to think that is the only solution. You think there is no other way out and the world would be better if you weren’t in it.

You just want that pain to stop. Your brain convinces you the only way is to kill yourself. All other options are blocked. Your focus narrows and it’s ALL you can think about.

You don’t really want to die. But at the same time you do want to die.

The pain will stop without you dying. It usually takes … Read more...

Newspaper article about the book

Since most of you can’t read it due to lack of subscription and probably can’t read because you are on a phone, I am posting this. I may have to take it down. Such a shame to get a good review and not be able to share it because the world doesn’t have a subscription to the Richmond Times Dispatch. Here is is in pdf. Here it is in the newspaper.


Mental health and suicide prevention speaker

mental health and suicide prevention speaker

Many of you know that I’m a public speaker on the topics of mental health, suicide prevention, grief, and addiction. You can see upcoming dates here.

Many right now are book signings. Other engagements are being negotiated but for locations like the San Antonio, TX in the spring, I’d like to meet up with tribe members, book a local college or other speaking opportunities while I’m there (expenses would be much lower), or have book signings when I’m there at a local book store.

Website for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Speaker


I think I can, I think I can, I think I can

My motto for life was set at the age of four from a children’s book called the Little Engine that Could. It was one of my childhood favorites and my mom, dad, grandmothers and my cousin Charles Haigh probably read it to me a total of over 100 times.

When things got hard, my mind would chant, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” Not just as a child but as a young adult although the words themselves may have changed depending on the challenge.

The story is all about determination, perseverance, pushing oneself … Read more...

Diary of a Broken Mind available now!

Book’s Introduction

It’s out! So how can you help? First, please share this post. Launch is tonight!

Between those book covers, there is a lot of pain, anger, laughter, purpose, healing, hope, and heart. I do feel a little naked and a lot vulnerable but I’m less terrified today than I was two weeks ago. And yeah, excited. I’ve woken up at 4:30am for the past two weeks.

I have had initial feedback from advance readers and so far so good. A good launch is important and that has to do with sales so here are some things to help … Read more...

What to ask your politician regarding youth mental health?

While these do pertain to Virginia, many of the questions are also relevant to ask in your state since suicide rates have risen overall for youth in America.

The following election toolkit is an excerpt from Voices for Virginia’s Children on what questions you need to ask political candidates during this elections season. Virginia ranks 49 in treatment access for youth suffering from major depression which means 7out of 10 kids are not getting the help they need. Our family lived this statistic and we were a middle class family. (access the entire pdf here).

The question for …

Am I a shameless self promoter?

When I was younger, I was often criticized as “bossy.” And all though my teen years and my professional life, I was reprimanded for qualities people would praise in a man. Tall with confidence is not always a combination people love in a female. Especially other females.

And even now, I get comments that I’m a shameless self promoter. Because I am promoting a book I wrote? That’s what authors do. Or because I promote my speaking? I can tell you that it was never my life’s ambition to push the cause of mental illness, addiction and suicide into a … Read more...

‘Diary of a Broken Mind’ is not for the newly bereaved

Diary of a broken mind Charles Aubrey Rogers

Few authors un-sell their book. However, I just want to be sensitive to those who might not be in the place to read it yet. A number of people have asked. And while there may be newly bereaved who need it and can read it, it could be triggering for some. This book is is memoir, not a grief book. So it’s not for everyone at any time. If you are currently not feeling very stable, for example, you’d may make the choice to wait.

For a preview to help you decide, the introduction is here.

It is for those …