How a school should handle a death by suicide

Too often, I hear stories about a school telling the student body “not to talk about it” which is the worst possible thing to say following a death of a student (or a teacher) by suicide. Not to mention, it’s not at all how a school should handle news of a suicide.

Suicide is a cause of death–a public health issue

Suicide is read more

I lost my father, David Lawrence Sanders, to suicide

by Amy Schmidt

In memory of David Lawrence Sanders December 13, 1949 – February 11, 1981

It was February 11, 1981. That was the day my whole universe changed. I was 7 years old and I remember walking into the kitchen, seeing my mom holding the phone in her hand. Tears were streaming down her pale face, with what I now recognize as a look of shock and grief. I tried asking read more

On Anthony Bourdain’s Suicide

Anthony Bourdain dies by suicide at 61

Creative. Innovative. Good looking. Rich. Successful.

And died by suicide.

He had so much money. So much fame. He wanted for nothing.

But a brain that suffers from depression doesn’t care about fame or money.

I rarely watched the show but I’m watching it now. And I’ve noticed he is emotionally read more

Delivered our first Preventure manuals!

It was exciting to deliver the first Preventure manuals for our pilot starting in the fall. We hear about the NIH grant in June 2018. One of the recommendations from the CDC was to teach coping and problem solving skills and promote social connectedness, two things this program does.

The reason read more

Why don’t those thinking of suicide ask for help?

Larger visual below

A friend of mine reached out recently. She was feeling dark and depressed and she had had thoughts of suicide although when she called me she was not in imminent danger. She simply admitted she had had those thoughts 0ver the past few days.

We had a conversation about what had changed recently and read more

What do Charles and Kate Spade have in common?

I wake up the morning of June 5, not sure whether to dread the day or enjoy it. I didn’t get up fast. I took my time. While eating breakfast, I read that Kate Spade has died by suicide. It was so surreal.

Charles and Kate Spade not only share cause of death, they share a suicide death anniversary read more

TV 8 interview with Sara McCloskey

If you or someone you know is thinking of suicide, please reach out for help. Call 1-800-273-8255 or the crisis text line 741-741. Richmond VA and Virginia resources. You are better off contacting local resources whenever possible.

Sara McClosky conducts an interview in the wake of the Kate Spade suicide. Charles shares a death by suicide anniversary date of June 5.

Thank you Sara and Channel 8 for shedding light on a difficult subject. CDC to present new data on suicide from 1999-2016 which indicates a thirty percent increase read more

Year three since Charles died by suicide

So what was year three like compared to the previous ones? I will say that the loss has softened some. The edges of my grief are not as jagged and it’s more of a dull ache.

Cries are most often softer compared to the violent break downs, screaming at windows and fist pounding that characterized read more

How can faith leaders help with the addiction and suicide crisis?

Bulletin today from the republican leaders who invited faith leaders to learn more about community issues.

A panel discussion today with faith leaders and republican leaders got me to thinking how this group could help make a dent in this crisis. No matter what your political leaning, this is a nonpartisan issue and will take an effort from all sides.

As community leaders to whom others confide their darkest read more