I reached out for help and was traumatized and humiliated instead

by Jan

Note from AnneMoss Rogers. If you are part of a hospital system, please see Zero Suicide, a model that aims to improve care and outcomes for people at risk of suicide in healthcare systems. Also, take a look at the CAMs care model for compassionate treatment for suicidal patients. Finally, you can reach out to the 741-741 USA crisis text line or USA Prevention Lifeline at 988 if you are in crisis.

It had been an extremely difficult mental health journey leading up to the night of 10/26/23. I had been undergoing therapy with minimal improvement. I … Read more...

I can never be good enough for you, Mom

by Jan

Dear Mom, 
I am so hurt and destroyed by your actions, especially in the last few years.

I don’t understand when one of your children tells you how they feel and how destroyed they are that you can be so cold and heartless. I spent my whole life feeling not good enough and never ever being able to make you happy. When I tried so hard. I just wanted you to say one time something was good or “good job” or to feel like I finally did something right.  

Raymond would never do what was asked of … Read more...