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Anne Moss Rogers is a registered safeTALK trainer in Richmond, Virginia.

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You can schedule a training for your company, or community group. Contact me here.

Want to schedule a safeTALK for your group? Click here.

Cost is based on the number of participants but there is a trainer fee (which isn’t much) and then a cost for materials and some snacks. If you have a lot of people to train, I’d partner with a local safeTALK trainer. More Guidelines below.

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What is safeTALK?

A half-day (4-hour) training program that teaches participants to recognize and engage persons who might be having thoughts of suicide and connect them with community resources trained in suicide intervention. SafeTALK stresses safety while challenging taboos that inhibit open talk about suicide. An ASIST-trained resource or other community support resource will be at this training. The ‘safe’ of safeTALK stands for ‘suicide alertness for everyone’. The ‘TALK’ letters stand for the practice actions that one does to help those with thoughts of suicide: Tell, Ask, Listen, and KeepSafe.

Who is it for?

This training is for community members 15 and up and excellent for first responders, teachers, pastors, youth leaders, nurses, therapists, non-profit leaders, parents, grandparents, and more.

Program Objectives

After training, participants in the safeTALK program should be able to:

  • Challenge attitudes that inhibit open talk about suicide.
  • Recognize a person who might be having thoughts of suicide.
  • Engage them in direct and open talk about suicide.
  • Listen to the person’s feelings about suicide to show that they are taken seriously.
  • Move quickly to connect them with someone trained in suicide intervention


  • A minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 30
  • Teens 15 and up can attend. It’s recommended if they do, the class is roughly half adults
  • There is a community support person who has been trained in suicide prevention, in addition to the trainer at each scheduled safeTALK

Room Requirements

  • The room needs to be equipped with a projector to play videos
  • A screen or wall in which to play the videos
  • A speaker for amplifying the audio from the videos (Trainer can bring a Bluetooth speaker)
  • A microphone is helpful and if one is not available Anne Moss will bring a voice amplifier
  • Sponsors are always appreciated and the benefits can be discussed by using this form

Each participant will get a booklet, stickers, list of local keepsafe resources, and a follow up email with a link to get CEs

Here is an example of a safeTALK event. Anne Moss Rogers is based in Richmond, Virginia.

FYI on CEUs. Get CEUs

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