The edge of grieving season

I feel it rolling in. It’s so subtle at first– a little extra heaviness and the tears are just a bit closer to the surface.

When the harsh daily news hits my ears, mass shootings, terrorist uprisings, more suicides and overdose deaths, they all resonate more. How much more grief can our culture endure? I wasn’t even paying attention to the date or the fact that the upcoming month, April, is a so close. But I looked up and there it is just days away. It’s Charles’ birthday month and he would have been 24. What would he look like? … Read more... “The edge of grieving season”

Speaking at Millwood School this Thurs, March 21

:54 second Invitation!

Getting Comfortable with an Uncomfortable Conversation- Breaking the silence on mental illness and suicide

Thursday, March 21, 2019 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM (EDT)

Millwood School – Robinson Hall 
15100 Millwood School Lane 
Midlothian, VA 23112

This is a community event! This presentation is about my journey to healing by dragging an unpopular topic into the spotlight, how parents can discern normal teen behavior from mental illness, the transitions that can cause problems for teens, and strategies for helping children build resilience.

• What are the signs of suicide and how does someone … Read more... “Speaking at Millwood School this Thurs, March 21”

#MythBustingMondays The world would be better without me

If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, this is what your brain is telling you. But it’s a myth. A lie. It can be so intense, so convincing, and you probably struggle to keep yourself from following through.

Another myth is that thoughts of suicide mean you are weak. To have survived this intense pain takes a lot of strength and endurance.

More than anything, I want you to tell someone or ask for help. Be direct and say that you are having thoughts of suicide. I see from my son’s music lyrics that he felt like the world … Read more... “#MythBustingMondays The world would be better without me”

I need your help with book decisions!

I’ve written a book called Diary of a Broken Mind, a memoir about my son Charles who died by suicide that includes our story as well as his published and unpublished lyrics. So you get the point of view of what our family went through from more than one perspective. The last third of the book is how I found hope, my purpose, and forgave myself.

I am looking for your opinion and would appreciate it if you’d take the survey and answer some questions. I have some blanks for your ideas, too. It’s five questions and you can choose … Read more... “I need your help with book decisions!”

In memory of Zuka Mabior who died by suicide

by Jennifer Morris

Zuka Mabior 11/10/1999 – 08/20/2018

I didn’t know the meaning of unconditional love until Zuka came into my world. He was born in fall of 1999 and looked up at me with those giant brown eyes. I knew right then I would do anything for that boy.

Zuka was an amazing person. He was an athlete, played football, ran track and won the Maine state wrestling champ in 2018. He had many friends and loved having a good time. He was a prankster, always sporting that impish smile. He was kind, never wanting to see anyone hurt. … Read more... “In memory of Zuka Mabior who died by suicide”

Signed a deal with a publisher!

My memoir, Diary of a Broken Mind, by Anne Moss Rogers and Charles Rogers, will be published in October 2019 by a traditional publisher, Beach Glass Books.

This book focuses on the relatable story of what lead to my son Charles’ shocking suicide at age twenty and answers the “why” behind this cause of death, revealed through my family’s story and years of his published and unpublished song lyrics. The last third of the book is a message of hope and healing.

Paperback will be first. Audio book six months later or so. And I have questions to ask you … Read more... “Signed a deal with a publisher!”

CBS looking for parents of a preteen who died by suicide

It’s a macabre task. But if you’ve lost a pre teen to suicide or know of one who has, a CBS Evening News medical producer might want to talk to you. They are working with their chief medical correspondent, Dr. Jon LaPook, and are looking for:

  • A parent of a preteen (10-12) who died by suicide, who lives on the east coast, and willing to share their story with CBS News

This is in regards to a study about screening preteens for suicide risk in emergency room settings. The tool is 4-question ASQ Suicide Screening tool that is an evidence-based … Read more... “CBS looking for parents of a preteen who died by suicide”

#MythBustingMondays -Suicide rates are highest at the holidays

Suicide rates are highest in the spring, lowest in the winter months

Most people think that there are more suicides around Thanksgiving and Christmas. The truth is that suicide rates are actually lowest in winter months and highest in the spring. October accounted for nearly twice as many suicide attempts as reported in July.

Experts aren’t entirely sure but there are theories.

In a lecture I saw at VCU Grand Rounds, the doctor said the theory was that people don’t have the energy to follow through in the winter.

“During the spring, some people become more physically active or agitated, … Read more... “#MythBustingMondays -Suicide rates are highest at the holidays”

Getting Comfortable with an Uncomfortable Conversation

Date: Thu, 03/21/2019
Time: 7:00pm-8:30pm
Cost: Free
Who can come: This is a Community event in Midlothian,VA. Mostly parents but teens are welcome. There will be emotional content.

Details on the event and takeaways on the registration page. And we are asking for registration so we can follow up with resources based on Q & A after. This is the neighborhood in which Charles grew up and the middle school he attended and the community is struggling with the loss of another young man.

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Can a Blog Save Lives? TEDxGraceStreetWomen

Can we save people who are Googling, “ways to die?”

People Google how to do lots of things– including how to kill themselves. How can we leverage what we know about suicide and the internet to save lives? After my son Charles killed himself, I sold my digital marketing business, started this blog, Emotionally Naked, and used my skills at search engine optimization and content marketing to reach those most in need to help prevent suicide.

Doing this TEDx was a transformative experience

I made the intentional decision to focus solely on enjoying the moment. I didn’t and still … Read more... “Can a Blog Save Lives? TEDxGraceStreetWomen”