Overnight walk for suicide prevention. A journey of healing and awareness

overnight walk
Shirley, Bethany, Rashida, Anne Moss, Amanda, Wendy & our driver

This is part of my crew at Midnight Snack?mile 10.1 at the Overnight Walk. The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention Overnight Walk is a 16 mile trek through a city in support of suicide read more

Dirty driveway heart— #griefheart number 246

Oil slick heart

My sister-in-law?s sister sent me this. It was taken in Florida at my in-law?s condo. That was where Charles went with his grandparents a few hours before going to detox as a result of opiate withdrawal. At that point, none of us knew he was addicted to heroin. So you can imagine the shock read more

The day after I died

I wanted someone to ask me. I wanted someone, anyone, to stop me.

You didn’t ask. Probably because you didn’t know to ask. I wanted you to come get me. Save me from myself.

I know I didn’t say it. I know you didn’t know where I was.

Why didn?t I ask you? Why didn?t read more

Stop it damn it. Orthopedic surgeons quit prescribing 30 days of opiates!

Dear Orthopedic Surgeons,

How many news reports, stories of overdoses do you need before you stop prescribing one and two months of highly addictive opiates? Do you orthos live under a rock? Have you seen the news? Eighty percent of the global opioid supply is consumed in the United States. That?s read more