Feedback for Resilience Exercise with Teenagers

I did an event for the Regional YMCA Leader’s Club Rally. Leader’s Club is a club for teens. I so enjoyed myself. I asked the rally coordinator, Janice, for feedback. Since it read more

Googling ways to die

Below is a comment I got on this post meant to, hopefully, divert those googling ways to die and provide hope, understanding and maybe prevent a suicide.  I thought you guys might want to see a message from someone who read more

Black heart— #griefheart number 280

Black heart

I see references in Charles’ music to his black heart. He felt like he was ashamed because of the darkness in his soul.

I hear that a lot from those with mental illness. They think they are not worthy of friends, of a family’s love, or life. That darkness is part of the disease of depression, read more

You should be with other mothers of dead children

I love being with other parents who’ve lost a child. No one understands my pain more than other members of the club no one wants to be in. But I also want to be with my old friends, too.

The thing is, after Charles died, I was in fear of losing my old friends–friends who had not weathered read more

It wasn’t about me

Angry Charles in wilderness

As I go through Charles’ song lyrics typing them up, I am struck once again at the level of creative genius and the sheer volume of music that expresses both pain and anger (there are very few published here). Pain read more

Just finished first draft of my book

Wow. I did it. First draft. By no means done but for the most part I had a working draft! Once I got started, I just went with it. Now the part where I need to market it to publishers. But first figure out which ones I might like to work with.

The book is co-written by my late son, Charles read more

Presenting to teens about mental illness and resilience

I so enjoyed teaching a class for teens of the YMCA Leader’s Club from Florida to Virginia and honored to have been asked. (Thanks to Alex Chaffee along with Youth Leaders, Cameron and Claire.) This year, the regional summit was hosted by Midlothian YMCA. So I presented my story of Charles, read more

I wish there were the right words for loss of a child

Years after the death of a child, things are not ‘better.’ What I mean is that ‘better’ is not the right word. The grief is in shorter bursts and it’s more tolerable.

For example, I’m able to move forward most days. I’m able to laugh. But I want a word read more