Suicide up 25% and 95% thought it would never happen to us

Few ever think it will happen to them. I never thought it would happen to me.

Even family members who have a loved one who has attempted suicide, think it won’t happen to them. And even if they are, they are never prepared for it.

A death by suicide is always a shock. Parents often don’t even believe their children who tell them outright, much less kids who leave a more subtle clue. We can’t fathom life would be so bad for our child they would take their life. The same goes for siblings, friends, aunts, uncles, parents. From the … Read more...

Super Women Awards

I went to a lovely event called the Super Women Awards. Pate and Donna Ray McCoy hosted the event and it was emceed by Dee and Willy Jolley who was also at my National Speakers Association meeting in the morning so I got a double-take of the famous, hall-of-fame speaker. I would show the group photo, but I don’t have one yet. I’m both honored and humbled by the award and the fellow women who were recipients were amazing.


Who was I mad at?

Anger is typical in early grief. It’s also typical when you have a loved one struggling with mental illness or addiction.

Around 2012, I was angry that Charles wouldn’t stop misusing drugs and alcohol. Then I was angry at the mental health system, God, and people who wouldn’t let me talk about him then. But once he died, I took my anger to a whole new level.

I wasn’t mad at just the system or God or some psychiatrist. Not at Charles or anyone in my family. For the record, it’s not unusual for family members to be angry at … Read more...

In memory of Pat Hearring, my first cousin

Out of respect for my cousins, his siblings, son, and his ex-wife, who are struggling with their grief, they asked that I not share this on social media. So I ask that you not share it there either. I’m just sharing it with you, my tribe.

Meet my first cousin Pat. Whenever he arrived, the fun followed. He was interesting, thoughtful, and something of a hippie farmer.

While he lived in Richmond as an adult as we did, as children we were five hours away from this set of cousins. My mom’s sister had four children, and Pat was one … Read more...

Feature article in March 2020 RFM

Channeling Grief Into Action

Anne Moss Rogers on Living with Your Child’s Death

It only took a moment for Anne Moss Rogers’ life to change direction; only seconds for her to move from years of fear and dread to a life committed to service and education. That moment, when she learned her younger son, 20-year-old Charles, had died by suicide, was the most devastating moment of her life. But the heart-wrenching experience fueled her desire to help others.

Print mag at WaWa, Publix & more in Richmond, VA

Rogers and her husband were eating …

New insert for my book are pictures of you guys

I order these postcards to insert in my book so when you buy it from Fountain Books, Beach Glass Books or Amazon, the card is in there and the books are signed.

When those who buy the book post their photos with the book on a social media page, more people buy. For a new author, it’s my best advertising.

Promoting a book is as challenging as writing one. Thank you to those who’ve posted a picture. It’s working!

Here is the gallery of all the ones I have so far.


One million pages read

One million pages on this site have been read since February 1, 2016. That’s thanks to all your stories, shares, comments, and support.

That doesn’t mean there have been one million visits. That number is around 730k. So there is still some ways to go there.

Thank you.


How to tell someone I want to kill myself

I know you want to tell someone but you are afraid to. It’s hard to know what to say or to whom. And it’s frightening to think of baring your deepest darkest hurt to another human being.

Your fears

Will the person you tell freak out? Will they think of you as weak or selfish? Will they believe you? I won’t lie. They might.

That’s why it’s important to choose the right kind of person (section below on how to choose the right person). If they don’t understand right at first, it may be because they can’t believe your life would be … Read more...

Reading: Diary of a Broken Mind. The Day After

reading from diary of a broken mind
Video below

Have you gotten your copy yet? Diary of a Broken Mind. Video is here on YouTube. Please share!

If you’ve read it, please leave a review on Amazon or Good Reads.


Three weeks in review

This isn’t all of it but it’s most of it. And here I thought February would be a slow month.

Speaking & Book Signing Event at Richmond Wellness Center. Diary of a Broken Mind

Newspaper article about Recovery School

Panel interview on publishing for NSA

Boomer Radio interview

Legislature for HB 928 Recovery School. Looking good for this bill so far.

Emotionally Naked Wedding

A Night For Scott Fundraiser for Recovery Scholarships

Legislature for HB 1063- Abolishing Suicide as a crime. Didn’t pass.

Speaking at school nurse’s conference at VCU

Panel at Jewish Community Center for Screeing of Kevin Hines … Read more...