Two scripts on how a parent can ask a child about suicide

These are examples of two conversations, one with a high school student and a parent and then one with a college student and a parent. While it’s not likely it would go just like this, it is an example of how you ask open-ended questions, not judge, listen with empathy and remain calm, and figure out next step.

The bottom line, is trust your gut and do not freak out if your child admits to feeling suicidal. Take a deep breath, and be thankful they are there right now with you on the phone or in person. And you are … Read more...

Re-Educated Podcast: Suicide Prevention through Education

by Goutham Yegappan, Data Scientist, Center on Education and the Workforce, Host of the “Re-Educated” Podcast, and Graduate Student, at Georgetown University

What gives my life meaning and purpose that makes the suffering that I currently and will eventually endure, worthwhile? This is perhaps the most pressing question a person must answer at some point throughout their life. For every time we inevitably struggle, our reasons for trekking forward are shaken and thoroughly questioned.

Similarly, with love (episode 25), our education system fails us when it comes to contending with death and meaning. Western education seemingly over-values that which … Read more...

Free eBook: 10 Tips for Preventing Suicide in Our Children

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Most of us who’ve lost a child to suicide never saw any signs until after. Many parents will say there were no signs but most are shocked and think our kid “wasn’t the type.” We can’t know what’s going on in someone else’s head. And while nothing is guaranteed, these tips will help lower the risk. Because knowing what to say, and how to respond helps parents and caregivers have the tough conversations with more clarity and confidence.

Who is this for? Two-page report of tips for those who want to prevent youth suicide.

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Why are our kids feeling insignificant and what can we do about it?

A number of people blame the surge of mental health problems and youth mental health issues on mobile phones, social media, bullying, the pandemic, and all kinds of external issues.

But honestly, it’s all of these plus one another big one that is the result of the digital explosion.

Youth don’t feel they are being heard

The digital era made everyone aware that we were a society of billions. That made a lot of people feel like a grain of sand on a very big beach. Not feeling heard has made our young people (and many adults, too) feel more … Read more...

My child said he has felt suicidal and depressed but won’t accept help and now tells me he’s fine

This was one of the questions from my presentation to parents on how to prevent youth suicide in Lafayette, California. I figured it might be a common question so I wanted to post it here.

Charles didn’t comply worth squat. It was uber frustrating and what’s more, it made me feel desperate. So I have several strategies that others have shared have been effective.

  • You make an appointment with a therapist. Yes, you. Not your loved one. At some point, you invite your child to go. But here’s the deal. You approach it like this. You say you went to

The importance of suicide awareness. We are all more alike than we think

by Tammy Ozolins

I recently watched the movie Dear Evan Hansen and I want to share how I related so much to this movie with my mental health journey.

One of the movie’s characters named Connor does die by suicide and I felt like he suffered in silence. When I was in high school, I had a good friend Brian Rini with whom I was very close. I absolutely loved him, and he was such a great guy. During our college years, he took his own life and it rocked my world.

I was devastated and always wondered why. I … Read more...

10 Tips for Preventing Suicide in Our Children: A guide for parents and caregivers

1. Take a deep breath. Don’t freak out.

If your child confesses to thoughts of suicide or an attempt, shore up everything you have and remember they are there in front of you now and alive. Not all of us get that opportunity. Because nothing scares kids more than their parents losing it.

2. Listen more, lecture less.

Meet them where they are and allow them to feel heard. The magic phrase is, “Tell me more. I am listening.” Don’t suggest fixes but ask questions instead. “How long have you felt this way?” “Did you have a plan?” “How … Read more...

What is ‘manufactured fear’ and how can that hurt us?

Fear is rarely the adaptive primal response that can save our lives but rather something that destroys our self-esteem and disrupts our relationships with others. It doesn’t promote good mental health or help communities connect and thrive.

Most of our fear is manufactured by our own selves or others and is often manipulative, destructive, and exploitative. Our current culture thrives on creating and magnifying fear because that’s what gets online clicks and tempts people to tune in. This is manufactured fear which, by the way, often triggers manufactured rage. When we come under the influence of manufactured fear, we become … Read more...

We need your help on a Zero Suicide Video Project for Parents

The nonprofit, Zero Suicide is creating a series of helpful videos and wants to interview parents whose child has made a serious suicide attempt for a video to share with other parents who have a child recently discharged after a suicide attempt. It is meant to be informative for parents in this position in terms of supporting the myriad of feelings that they are experiencing.

This video will be shared with parents of youth under 18 years old whose child has just been discharged from a hospital or ER.

We have enough suicide loss survivors and need parents of … Read more...

Fear of feelings

Our first instinct is to push away unpleasant or difficult feelings like sadness. But the anticipation of them is far worse. It takes more energy to avoid them than to allow them in.

What’s more, pushing them away means they’ll come back at you like a boomerang on steroids. Because holding them back is like preventing a waterfall from going over the edge.

Over time pent-up feelings build up and can leak out in ugly and unpleasant ways.

Feelings are temporary and denying them isn’t brave or heroic, but cheating yourself out of healing or developing coping skills for managing … Read more...

Anne Moss Rogers with Michelle Chalfant on The Adult Chair Podcast

330 – Understanding And Preventing Suicide With Anne Moss Rogers

Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call or text 988

Podcast episode with the show notes on the Adult Chair Website

This highlights how I survived and healed after my son’s death by suicide, how I overcame the questions and guilt that come when someone close dies by suicide, and my work as a mental health and suicide prevention speaker, reaching others who are hurting and educating people on the signs of suicide. 

Themes include substance use disorder, grief, suicide, hope, and healing.


It’s been 9 years since the last time I saw you

by Cayla Fendick

Trigger Warning: Strong emotional content and suicide method referenced. If you are in crisis, text “help” to 741-741 or call 988

Cindy Fendick and her daughter Cayla Fendick

You were sitting at the counter at the Park Diner. It was the first and only time you had ever visited me at work, and I couldn’t believe you actually did come. Earlier that morning,

I was at your apartment, like almost every other morning you had off work–drinking coffee. You literally always made the best coffee and I “stole” one of your shirts (I still have it). You … Read more...

Wear it out! T-shirts for Suicide Prevention Month

T-shirts for suicide prevention month

These are the #justlisten t-shirts in honor of suicide prevention month.

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In memory of my mom, Anne Nimocks

In the photo above in 2019, my mom is at my book signing in Fayetteville, NC. My mother died of natural causes Wednesday, August 10, 2022.

She was a child who was born because her sister LuMaddy, whom she never met, was killed in a truck accident at age 2. She had a sister 10 years older. When I lost my son to suicide, my mom dropped everything and drove up immediately with my ailing dad to be with me, and help us with everything including practical things like going to the pawn shop and picking up some of … Read more...

One can never predict the future. Or change the past.

by Liza Sierra

Trigger Warning: Strong emotional content and suicide method referenced. If you are in crisis, text “help” to 741-741 or call 988

John Michael Carrington, 12/27/1984 – 05/07/2018

At 17, I enjoyed loud music, hanging with friends, and like any other teenager, online chatrooms. One day I got a message from a guy who was 19, single, and from the U.K! I was completely fascinated by him, being that I’m from Texas.

We exchanged pictures, and phone numbers and we both got into so much trouble for running up our parent’s phone bills back then. (Sorry Mom). It … Read more...