Podcast: Hope to Recharge with Matana and Anne Moss

Losing a Son to Suicide and choosing hope after grief with Anne Moss Rogers

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As a speaker, I want to make more so I can give more

It’s funny how my script was flipped after my son’s addiction and death by suicide. My definition of what success is was no longer defined in currency.

Now I don’t want you to think I’m willing to live in a cardboard box so I can support more nonprofit work. I’m not that altruistic. I just want to make a living and make enough so that I can enjoy my family and give back in both philanthropic and an emotionally naked way.

My purpose is to prevent suicide and wash away the stigma by educating people on what suicide is, what … Read more...

Learning to let go of regret after suicide

by Jon Farrow

Sometimes it’s a feeling in the middle of the day. Sometimes it’s passing a restaurant we used to frequent or a song that comes on right as I’m about to reach a destination. Other times it’s a memory-inducing warm breeze on a mild summer day. No matter what brings him to mind, even after five years, I still feel the twinge in my heart.

Searching for an escape has been a race that I can’t win

No matter what I do, the feeling overwhelms me like the shadow caused by a setting sun, one that extinguishes the … Read more...

Traumatic brain injury can trigger suicidal thoughts

by Beth Tucker

Suicide is not always just an emotional or psychiatric issue. Sometimes it’s a physiological one too.

I am a suicide attempt survivor

That means I have survived a suicide attempt. I’m also thankful to be in a much better place today, emotionally, psychologically, physically, and most importantly spiritually.

Four years ago I underwent brain surgery with extensive complications which resulted in a massive hemorrhage to the left temporal lobe of my brain. We hear so much these days about traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by things such as football-related concussions, military IEDs, as well as other brain … Read more...

Going to the NSA Conference

NSA is National Speakers Association. I’m a member of the Virginia chapter. Fortunately, because of the Pat Asch fellowship, I can afford to go. I haven’t been to a conference out of town in years. That’s the thing about selling a successful business for a startup. Sacrifices.

So I will be in Aurora, Colorado and staying the first night with my friend, Tamara. Next month she is going on a big backpacking trip that is very intense. (Camping to me is staying in a bed and breakfast.)

So wish me luck. I’m meeting a lot of other speakers … Read more...

Can we stop using the phrase ‘committed suicide?’

60 second video

Say tally ho, bon voyage, bye bye, auf weidersehen, addio, au revoir, 再见, addios, sayonara, to the word “committed” when it’s next to the word suicide. Jettison it from your vocab forever, throw it in a deeply dug latrine, say a final memorial, cover it with dirt and leave it behind forever. “Committed” screams shame and adds to the stigma.

Suicide is not a crime it’s public health issue

We don’t say that someone committed a heart attack so why are we saying someone committed suicide? I’m not word-shaming you, just making you aware of the difference … Read more...

13 Reasons Why removes graphic suicide scene

My friend, Lisa Horowitz, PhD is a scientist on suicide prevention at National Institute of Mental Health whom I met through Dr. Ted Abernathy about three years ago. We have since co-presented on the ASQ suicide screening tool.

While speaking with a panel of prestigious researchers on youth suicide prevention in Baltimore, MD at a Pediatric Conference (I was the one with lived experience), there was considerable buzz about a suicide study the group had just completed that showed a significant increase in youth suicide after the first season of 13 Reasons Why.

Netflix is in the process of …

Turning Pain into Purpose

This was presentation to FABwomen. I love the audience there and always feel so connected. The sound on this video is not the greatest due to a corrupt sound card.

What do I offer that other speakers don’t?

  • Even though it’s a serious subject, I laugh and the audience does, too
  • I don’t make the audience feel guilty for having living children
  • I let people inside
  • I want to be with the people in the audience both on and off stage
  • I am not bitter
  • I leave the audience with hope and ways to heal
  • I help people understand

I wanted his old self back

Over time, Charles’ depression and addiction changed him. Depression sucked away his motivation and planted thoughts of suicide and by then his antidote was heroin.

The change was subtle, slow, and methodical. Laughter was less frequent. He slept really late. He was even more hyper social than usual.

More than once, I would wonder, “What’s going on?” Something was different. I would search his room after he left but it turned up nothing.

I would wonder why he always had to be with friends for every waking moment. I asked him about it and still remember the pained look on … Read more...