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Living Undeterred is a podcast created by author Jeff Johnston and founder of the Choices Network, Ltd. Jeff lost his oldest son, Seth to heroin in 2016. His personal struggles gave him the inspiration to become vulnerable and to share how he has remained…undeterred. Jeff is in recovery from addiction, and for 11 years had his own wealth management and financial show.This show focuses a lot on the intersection of mental health, addiction, and suicide. 

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Confessions of a chronic suicidal thinker

by Heather Pate

Heather Pate is on the right

I struggled with Self-Injury and Suicidal Ideation (aka Suicidal Thinking) from the ages of 15-18. I would call myself a Chronic Suicidal Thinker. I spent a lot of time coming up with plans. There was a lot going on at home and had some stuff I was struggling with from earlier in my life. I thought what I was struggling with was something I did wrong. I didn’t want to get in more trouble.  

My family

See, my father blamed and shamed me about something earlier in life, and now looking … Read more...

Tips on how to Forgive Yourself

Image credit, Shutterstock.com

Forgiving yourself doesn’t mean absolving yourself of any responsibility for past actions but rather allowing yourself to acknowledge errors and the grace to live in peace as an imperfect human moving forward.

Things happen for which you cannot change. And maybe it’s time for you to move forward and learn from errors without punishing yourself for them for the rest of your life. Because that benefits no one. Or maybe it’s time for you to jump-start that process.

Not all of these tips will be relevant to your situation, so take away that which is.

#1- Admit


Best of 2021: A Suicide, A Mother’s Grief And A Second Act

Best of Second Act Stories for 2021

I’m so thrilled my interview with Andy Levine was chosen as the best of 2021! Pain Turns To Purpose: A Suicide, A Mother’s Grief, And A Second Act.

charles wasatch


Resilience, Crisis & Safety Planning Activity for Students

This is not to take the place of a suicide assessment, or professionally-developed suicide safety plan

Get the Resilience & Safety Planning Activity Download

We are calling this activity, Resilience, and Safety Planning for Students. Access to the pdf and editable PowerPoint are below. In short, this is a simple activity you do as part of a lesson that students can take with them when they meet an emotional crisis such as parental divorce, a romantic breakup, or the loss of a loved one.

It’s probably most suitable 7th grade and up.

How this works, why it works

The …

Learning From Loss

by Dave Maddox

Chris and Dave from left to right

When my friend Chris ended his life in 2021, like all his family and friends, I was stunned. He was the last guy I would have thought could have done this. Upbeat, optimistic, with a ridiculous sense of humor, time spent with Chris always left me worn out from laughing. It also always left me feeling better about myself. That was his special gift: he was genuinely interested in everyone he met and could make everyone he knew feel smarter, stronger, braver, and better looking.

Our friendship was forged years …

Podcast: Suicide Postvention-What Schools Can do

This podcast focuses on Postvention which is after a suicide loss.

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Postvention Guides & Article:

Free PDF- After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools- Second Edition– From NASP, NASSP, ASCA

Free PDF- Postvention Guide for Colleges – From JED Foundation & Higher Education Mental Health Alliance (HEMHA) Project

After a suicide at a school or college. What do you do?


Creating a crisis safety plan. Hacks for the rest of us.

This is not to take the place of a suicide assessment, or professionally-developed safety plan

This post is about the many creative ways to apply the concept of suicide safety planning in order to support a loved one (or yourself) when they are emotionally vulnerable, in crisis, or at risk of making a decision that can result in a threat to life such as suicide or addiction relapse. We can call it the emotional crisis safety plan.

It’s a way to remind an individual of their connection to life, healthy coping strategies they have identified as helpful, as well … Read more...

Podcast: The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations

Hosted by: Melissa Bottorff-Arey

Includes how to get unstuck and survival tools for suicide loss. Go to the podcast website.

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