Story from a Timeboy1408 fan

Timboy1408 video Cosby Gangsta Rap, 2008. Charles and Jacob

My name is Katherine and my friends and I used to watch your son, Charles on YouTube religiously when we were 13. Like every day, we were watching Timeboy1408 and would laugh until we couldn’t breathe.

A lot of our inside jokes were and still are things your son said in those videos. I’m now 25 years old and something made me think about those laughs we had so I went to see how he was doing. My heart broke when I saw that he had killed himself.

Recently, I’ve been …

Does this look like someone who would kill himself?

58 second video

Link to the video in case it’s not showing up for you. 

On YouTube here. 

We think we can tell. From the outside. The truth is, teenagers are masters at hiding their depression. And their thoughts of suicide.

Nobody was funnier and more engaging. Charles always looked like he was having the time of his life. Yet inside, was another story. Inside he was eaten up with thoughts of suicide from middle school on.

I know because I have some of his rap lyrics that I call his rap diaries. They tell me things I didn’t … Read more...

Timeboy1408 and Madeline

My name is Madeline. I’m a 19 year old girl from Massachusetts.

I sat down at a computer the other day, and suddenly I thought about a YouTube channel name that I frequented as a kid when I was 12 years old or so.

Timeboy1408. It was your son’s channel.

I remember spending many nights laughing and enjoying his videos. He got me through some really tough times. And though I never met your son, I had a huge crush on him.

Eventually he had stopped using that channel and I figured he had just quit YouTube. I mentioned … Read more...