Living in Fear of the next Crisis

by Allison Whitley

She wakes up before 9:00 am and comes out of her room. She eats breakfast. She takes her medication on her own. She engages in conversation. Most importantly, she smiles and laughs. Today is a good day. So why am I fearful this won’t last?

My daughter suffers from mental illness. She is diagnosed with major depressive disorder, anxiety, and PTSD. She also has a secondary diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. She returned home from her first semester in college and everything fell apart; the illness took over.

After she shared wanting to kill herself, she spent … Read more...

Did my child die because I lacked faith?

by Karla Helbert

This topic is important and praying people, especially Christian people, please note.

I saw a post on social media from a bereaved parent friend yesterday about a movie opening soon called “Breakthrough.” I had heard about this in passing, understanding it to be one of those movies that has an overtly religious, specifically Christian, message.

I generally stay away from those finding them to be trite, or too simplistic, to really address what I think are deep theological and/or social issues. Also, they are generally about pushing their own agenda for conversion. I am not down with … Read more...

A hug stopped me from killing myself

by Don Shetterly

I remember those days when life was more than I could bear.  I felt trapped and exhausted.  No matter what I did, life seemed hopeless.

There was no one I could talk to because I trusted no one.  I wasn’t sure what I needed to talk about because everything was swirling in my head. 

Then there was the shame

How could I even say what I didn’t want to acknowledge?  How would others take it if they knew?  Would they notice my shame and make me believe I was nothing more than the lowly piece of garbage … Read more...

My son couldn’t leave me alone with my grandson

by Emily Warner

I’m a 57-year-old mom, grandma, and sister.

I suffer from chronic pain from what my doctors referred to as a “life-changing” bike accident. Little did I know how much damage that bicycle accident in January of 2011 would do, not only physically but emotionally and cognitively. I had started riding my bike three months earlier and found this freedom and peacefulness in my new activity. I took safety seriously and always wore a helmet.

On that Saturday afternoon, I told my husband I was going for a ride in the neighborhood. I was going down a hill … Read more...

Surviving my son’s suicide with depression

by Gray Maher

It has been 6 years since my only child, Whitten, died by suicide. I am still seeing a grief therapist every 5-6 weeks. When I started seeing her, I was still in shock. I had barely started to process what had happened and what it would mean for my life. A dear friend got me in to see her, because she knew that if I didn’t get help, things could go very badly for me.

Surviving suicide is considered traumatic grief and is more complex than most. Losing a child is also considered traumatic grief. And all … Read more...

Do you want happiness or depression?

by Danny Gautama

I am not ashamed to tell you how bad my life was and how bad I struggled. I felt I was below rock bottom. It was like how hell felt like and I can imagine the Devil himself was winning the battle but I eventually won the War.

Depression was not pretty.

It was like living the worst day of my entire life over and over and over. It felt like Freddy Krueger and demons were haunting me in my dreams and this is just an understatement. It was horrible.

Some days I wanted to sleep in …

I’m a recovered anorexic perfectionist

by Christina Tinker

So many people say “I hate public speaking “Aren’t you scared when you get up in front of a group to speak?” they ask.   And very honestly, I used to say, “NO! I love it!” And to some extent this is true. But it’s only half the story.

It was spring of 2015, when, with just a handful of family in the audience, I stood on a stage in a beautiful new theater just off the Riverwalk in San Antonio, and told 250 strangers… my deepest, darkest secret.
The room echoed with silence as I stepped up … Read more...

CBS looking for parents of a preteen who died by suicide

It’s a macabre task. But if you’ve lost a pre teen to suicide or know of one who has, a CBS Evening News medical producer might want to talk to you. They are working with their chief medical correspondent, Dr. Jon LaPook, and are looking for:

  • A parent of a preteen (10-12) who died by suicide, who lives on the east coast, and willing to share their story with CBS News

This is in regards to a study about screening preteens for suicide risk in emergency room settings. The tool is 4-question ASQ Suicide Screening tool that is an evidence-based … Read more...

Breaking free of opiate pain medication

by Kimberly

I had brain surgery in 1999 for a brain stem tumor at Johns Hopkins and was in the hospital for a month. The doctors prescribed only Tylenol because they did not want my brain affected. I had to have my liver tested monthly because of how toxic Tylenol codeine is.

My doctor then switched me to Oxycodone and after a short time, I asked to be taken off that and the doctor prescribed Neurontin 600mg for nerve pain, which worked for a little while.

I had to keep increasing dosage to get the same effect and in two … Read more...

Not staying quiet on addiction

by Stephani Morris


I am a 31-year-old single mother to a beautiful 8-year-old boy.

In 2016, I worked at a gym, competed in fitness competitions, was working to get my nursing degree, had experience working at Georgetown Medical School, worked in a local hospital as well as a doctor’s office. To top off my own successes, which I soon learned meant nothing, my son was diagnosed in 2015 with high-functioning Autism.

With the help of my family, I helped him get the therapy he needed, volunteered at his school, coached his sports, volunteered on his field trips, lobbied for rights … Read more...