Heart of love— #griefheart number 228

heart of love
Heart of love

I’m walking the dog today and I see this on the sidewalk. I wonder about the story behind it. It’s not new but I walk over it every day and never saw it before. How could I have missed it? Especially something so fit for this project.

It represents the love I still have for Charles even though he died by suicide. Love that has nowhere to land somedays because he’s not physically here to receive it. So it rests heavy in my chest.

What is the #griefheart project?

I explain my #griefheart project here.

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Mutt love – #griefheart number 148

Who knew animals had so many hearts on their fur! Charles loved dogs. Any breed from pedigreed pooch that came over on the Mayflower to the ugliest mutt you’ve ever seen.

He loved all animals really. Except spiders. He had an unnatural fear of them. Like his mom. Miss my boy who died by suicide and all his quirks. This one from my friend Melissa.

What is the #griefheart project?

I explain my #griefheart project here.

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SpeakUp heart – #griefheart number 143

SpeakUp heart
SpeakUp heart

The SpeakUp5k is an event intended to inspire conversation about mental illness. I went alone and right before it started, a young lady named Bethany came up and introduced herself and we ran together. She knew Charles and she was also friends Cal Riley who died by suicide almost 2 years to the day before Charles.

I had been having a very difficult day up until then and I wondered if I would be crying during the whole race but meeting Bethany brightened me up. We both believe our guardian angels brought us together.

Thank you Jenny Derr, mother of Billy Derr, who made this … Read more...

Family tree heart – #griefheart number 138

When my son died by suicide, I did not erase him from my family tree. So I started a new tradition that allows us to grieve the loss of a loved one that died by suicide. To honor their struggles. Without shame. That’s what the #griefheart project is all about. Charles will always have a place in my heart. And how cool is that little heart inside the leaf?

This one found by Maura Varley Twyman and shared with me by Kathi Genett here in Richmond. Kathi made the Pizza party heart found here for Charles death anniversary. I love … Read more...