Pristine heart – #griefheart number 207

Pristine heart

Charles loved snow. Where we live now is a giant hill in Forest Hill park and he’d beg his Dad to take him to that hill. As I go by there now, I remember how much he loved it.

I also remember visiting him at the Family School, a therapeutic boarding school in Hancock, NY. When we got there all the teens were sledding down the hill having a ball.

One of the administrators, America, a tyrant and their least favorite person, came out and demanded they sled one after another in a single file line like third graders. … Read more...

Sachet heart— #griefheart number 199

My Dad won a prize at the assisted living facility. What’s so funny is that he won a basket of Mary Kay products. Not exactly something you think your Dad would get excited about. Quite frankly he didn’t much care about the prize itself, just the process of winning. My mom didn’t have the heart to give it away to someone else.

I saw this sachet heart in the basket and thought about how funny Charles would have found this whole scenario–the jokes he would’ve told afterwards about Grandbobby winning a basket of women’s lotions and shower products. And this … Read more...

Heart full of memories – #griefheart number 4

#griefheart 4
Heart full of memories –both painful and delightful

My heart is full of memories of Charles today. As a baby, toddler, middle schooler, high schooler. Memories both painful and delightful–the roller coaster of grief.

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