Joy and sadness

Such joy to visit my oldest son Richard living in LA.

Sadness because my youngest son, Charles, was not with us.

Joy to see Richard handling real life and maturing.

Sadness that he’s so far away from us.

Joy to see my oldest follow a dream he’s had since 8th grade.

Sadness that my youngest didn’t get to do the same.

Joy in the fact that Richard has a solid job at a good company (Tom Hanks studio, Hertzog)

Sadness that I have to leave and go home.

It’s hard to get used to the roller coaster of emotions grief brings. Pure elation one moment and feelings of despair the next. Every holiday, life event and family gathering carries with it that mix of emotions of joy and loss.

I am learning to live with Charles’ suicide and understanding that there is a lot of love and a lot in my life to be thankful for.

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6 thoughts on “Joy and sadness”

  1. It’s so fun to hear about Richard’s success and happiness. You have taken on so many people’s pain as you honor Charles’ life and work to #endstigma. I love seeing you relish in the joy of Richard’s life, fill your soul with time with your son, even as you deeply miss Charles. ❤️

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