How grief matures

When you lose a child, it changes you forever. And although time doesn’t heal, it does help.

Over time,

Tears of agony become tears of remembrance.

Agony becomes ache.

A hole in the heart becomes a wound with scar tissue.

Denial turns into acceptance.

Despair and isolation turn into purpose and clarity.

Deep depression turns into moments of melancholy.

Helplessness turns into humility.

Love with nowhere to land evolves into a need to give back.

And instead of carrying your child in your arms, you learn to carry him in your heart.

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Grief: 5 things that helped me turn a corner

Charles died 8 months and 3 days ago from the above dateand these are the things that helped me find some peace.

#1 – Joined a support group*

support group

While in group, there were times I felt like I was pouring alcohol in a wound when hearing everyone’s stories. I broke down with each one. However, exposing yourself to others in this way releases so much of your own pain. You bond with others in the same situation. Allowing the hurt leads to healing. It’s truly a relief and it allows you to let go.

#2- Understanding that I’m not always the captain of