Charles was the coolest and most unique person I have ever met

by Kevin Consolazio

Kevin Consolazio

I remember my first night at the Family School, a therapeutic boarding school I attended in upstate New York and where I first met Charles.  I was very uncomfortable on how I was sent there. My mother had just died and my dad didn’t know what to do with me.

I was skipping school and smoking weed everyday. Fortunately, I heave never used any hard drugs in my life. Charles was in my dorm and made me feel at home. He had a notebook and so did I and he asked if I wrote music … Read more...

#BeHereTomorrow Movie Screening with Ginger and Rogers

Ginger Germani lost her son Austin Germani a year ago. Last week she did a Facebook birthday fundraiser and raised 2,555 (+ a check for $25) in support of Beacon Tree Foundation in memory of Austin. Her goal was $1,998 for the year he was born. One of her friends had arranged a Ride to Fight Suicide in Staunton, VA.

Ginger invited me to a screening of the movie, “Suicide, The Ripple Effect” by Kevin Hines in Charlottesville, VA and to say a few words about Beacon Tree. It’s about an hour away from Richmond.

The marquee right …