Charles was the coolest and most unique person I have ever met

by Kevin Consolazio

Kevin Consolazio

I remember my first night at the Family School, a therapeutic boarding school I attended in upstate New York and where I first met Charles.  I was very uncomfortable on how I was sent there. My mother had just died and my dad didn’t know what to do with me.

I was skipping school and smoking weed everyday. Fortunately, I heave never used any hard drugs in my life. Charles was in my dorm and made me feel at home. He had a notebook and so did I and he asked if I wrote music … Read more...

No Place in All the World

by Robert M. Hubbard in memory of his son, Robert Alan Hubbard, who died by suicide September 8, 1985. This poem from his therapeutic writing, ‘A Grief Observed’

No place in the world

How desperately sad
it must be to feel
that there is no place
in all the world
for you. Loneliness unending.

Urgent anger rooted
in black-pit pain,
knowing of no place
in all the world
where you can find refuge.

No one to turn to, no one
to heed your pleas
for acceptance, for
for validation and love.

Life is filled with many paths,
with many …