Burning Inside: Suicidal Thoughts Flares and Flames

reaching out

From Anne Moss: The anonymous author of this post suffers from the numbered items below. I’m so amazed at what he has overcome. He has gotten and kept a job and is now reaching out to help others. 

1) Sleep disorder (Birth, 1991)
2) Learning disabilities: learning receptive disorder and reading disorder (3 years old, 1994)
3) Anxiety disorder ( 17 or 18 years old, 2009)
4) Mood disorder ( 24 years old, 2015)

by an anonymous author 

On Tuesday, July 18, 2017, one of my friends, whom I met in college, told me through text messages that she wished … Read more...

Your child has just written you a message he’s suicidal

I do not have permission to share the letters I get from people who are hurting or ones that parents send me from their children with details of their depression and how worthless they feel. They are intensely personal. But I can share similarities I see in most of them.

They often refer to cutting or other self destructive behavior–alcohol, drugs, eating disorders are common symptoms. Every one of them mentions feeling worthless, many with a mirror metaphor. “I look in the mirror and I feel so worthless.”

Most of the letters are naked and raw emotional accounts and confessions of depression … Read more...

Facebook LIVE: Could suicide happen in your family?

How to talk to someone who is contemplating suicide:

1 Ask if you can talk to them in private

2. Ask open-ended questions:

  • You have not seemed like yourself lately?
  • Anything bothering you?
  • How are you doing?
  • Is everything OK?

3. Listen to their story

4. Have you thought about hurting yourself or ending your life?

5. Encourage them to seek mental health services/treatment

6. Remind them it takes courage to do this but it’s the smart thing to do

One other note. If they have lethal means, a gun or other weapon, this is a situation where the most … Read more...