Day #10 of the 12 Days of Coping with Christmas

by Karla Helbert

The tenth coping strategy is “Create Rituals”

Rituals large and small can help us manage the chaos of grief. Rituals of remembrance help to bring order, aid in transition and help us to understand complex feelings.

Through observing our own senses, acknowledging how we are feeling, and purposefully using the tools of ritual to safely come into the present moment with our grief, with our love, and with whatever else the moment holds, we can find ways of moving through each moment and into the next. In grief, this can be an essential practice.

In our culture


Yoga as a coping strategy for bipolar disorder

by Pamela James

I was diagnosed in April with Bipolar II. I am 55 years old. Fifty five.

It was a shock, but then again, it explained all my struggles in life: jobs, relationships, moods, parenting, depression, rage. Thanks to a wonderful psychiatrist, I am on a very successful combination of medications. More importantly, I have incorporated yoga into my life. It is just as important as the meds.

The instructors are so welcoming. I arrive at 6:30 a.m. with my hair in a messy bun, clothes that are sometimes specifically for yoga, but sometimes not. I do not have … Read more...