What would happen if I killed myself?

We want to help and support you so you can save your own life

Thoughts of suicide are relentlessly slamming your brain and it feels as if it will never stop. But it will subside.

If you killed yourself

The world would not be a better place. Your family would be in agony. Hardly able to function. Friends and family would think they did something wrong and beat themselves up for the clues they missed.

Horror, anger, guilt, sadness, isolation and raw, agonizing pain would be the result for those left behind if you killed yourself. They would not “get over it.” Ever. Their grief would change over time. Some would learn to move … Read more...

Best suicide prevention apps

Updated 10/2017

I went to a safeTALK by LivingWorks event recently and these were the recommended and professionally reviewed apps for suicide prevention. For a while, I have recommended MY3 but was uncertain about others. I would recommend you go to an evidence-based safeTALK presentation which will teach you what to look for in terms of suicide prevention and what to do.

In that class was a young lady from a chorus group where they had recently suffered the loss of two of their teen members to suicide in just 3 weeks time. I was so proud of her for … Read more...