What would happen if I killed myself?

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Thoughts of suicide are relentlessly slamming your brain and it feels as if it will never stop. But it will subside. Because all feelings are temporary and no crisis is permanent. I did not write this post to make you feel guilty. I wrote it so you understand what it’s like from a suicide loss survivor.

If you killed yourself

The world would not be a better place. Your family would be in agony. Hardly able to function. Friends and family would think they did something wrong and beat themselves up for the clues they missed.

Horror, anger, guilt, sadness, …

Best suicide prevention apps

Updated 05/2021

The apps

These first two are for the suicide attempt survivors or for those who experience suicidal thoughts also known as suicidal ideation. Please understand that the phenomenon of suicidal thoughts is a brain attack and a medical problem and not a weakness of character.

The last one is for medical professionals to assess a situation. If you are a parent or a teacher, it is recommended that you connect your loved one with services and not try to “fix” the situation yourself.

Best apps for those with suicidal thoughts

These will keep you safe when you are … Read more...