Early grief after loss of a child

2 minutes, 12 seconds


This addresses the early grief of losing a child. Not to any specific cause of death although I lost my son Charles to suicide.

What can you expect after that initial intense grief of the early days? Will it be like that forever? What happens after that?  I can’t say all the stages but I can tell you what grief has become for me over time.

I hope this helps. Because I remember wondering what was in store for me. Would I ever love again, laugh again, live again? You will. I can’t say how long it will take for you because it’s different for everyone. But if you make that promise intentional, you will.

Grief writes me a love letter

3 thoughts on “Early grief after loss of a child”

  1. I believe that is wonderful to address these certain, particular subject pertaining to grief. I appreciate these videos you uploaded. This makes the connection more human. Thank you Anne Moss Rogers!

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