7 reasons I think we are seeing more teen depression


When I talk to people, this subject often comes up. Mental illness in teens is on the rise.

Why? Here are some of the reasons I think it’s gotten worse.

1. Lack of Connection

As technology has improved, our lives have gotten busier as a result of easier access. We tend to pack in more than is humanly possible and in trying to get more out of life, we are getting less. It’s always on to the next thing.

Social media and technology have also made us more more “silo-ed” and less social. It’s not as common to see kids jumping … Read more...

How many lives can you save?

Lauren is in her early 20s. After she sent this note to me she reached out to her parents. She asked me to post her message here so you could see it and share it so that it would help others.

Note from Lauren below:

I came across your post “The Final 48 Hours” today (5/17/16) on Facebook that was shared by mutual friends. I have never come across a story that has related to me more in my life.
On May 10th at 2:09pm I thought about taking my life.

Why? I have no reason to be …