September is Suicide Prevention month

While other diseases have flattened in terms of mortality, conditions like heart disease and stroke, suicide rates are climbing. Recent CDC statistics reveal that 25.5% of respondents 18-24 years old reported having seriously considered suicide during the COVID pandemic. In late June, 40% of USA adults reported struggling with mental health or substance misuse.

Your stories are important so keep talking. Keep telling them. Support mental health candidates this fall, give to behavioral health organizations. Thank you for being part of this tribe.

Study from CDC


September is suicide prevention awareness month

So it’s September 23 and I’m now sharing the ribbon. (It’s also Recovery month as well.)

However, for Suicide Prevention Month, I posted the Emotionally Naked t-shirts to wear out and show your support.

Keep talking and sharing the posts, this ribbon. Because of you,  I’m hearing a lot from young people, especially, about how to tell a parent they have thoughts of suicide. So they want to tell and they are asking how which is good. 

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