September is suicide prevention awareness month

So it’s September 23 and I’m now sharing the ribbon. (It’s also Recovery month as well.)

However, for Suicide Prevention Month, I posted the Emotionally Naked t-shirts and collected fifty names to have screen printed in remembrance of loved ones who died by suicide. I’ll post those next week as a fundraiser when the design is finished. Thank you Michelle D. for the idea. Charles, is, of course one of the names.

Keep talking and sharing the posts, this ribbon. Because of you,  I’m hearing a lot from young people, especially, about how to tell a parent they have thoughts of suicide. So they want to tell and they are asking how which is good. 

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Four simple ways you can prevent suicide


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Anne Moss Rogers

I am the mother of two boys and the owner of emotionally naked, a site that reached a quarter million people in its first 18 months. I am a writer and professional public speaker on the topics of suicide, addiction, mental illness, and grief and my book, Diary of a Broken Mind, will be published in the fall. I lost my youngest son, Charles, 20, to suicide June 5, 2015. As talented and funny as Charles was, letting other people know they matter was his greatest gift. And now the legacy I try and carry forward in my son's memory. Professional Speaker Website

3 thoughts on “September is suicide prevention awareness month”

  1. Hello I was wondering if someone could help me my cousin killed himself while facing charges the was showing all signs of being suicidal and even said he was going to kill himself well he did. I want to know how to start a campaign about sucide in jails and prisons

    1. Oh Malinda, I am so sorry. A pending criminal justice system was one of the reasons my son took his life. There are always other underlying reasons. I know I’ve read about suicides in jails and I’m not certain what group focuses on suicides in jails. I am sorry I don’t know more. And if you find a specific group, please come back and let me know.

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