The day ended well!

So late Saturday night look who I picked up from the airport. Richard flew in from LA to spend a week with family. I don’t think I will ever be used to him living 3k miles away. Good lord I miss my son. An only son, now.

Back in eighth grade I knew he’d move to LA. He was so into film then. I remember thinking, “How will I live with him way out there on the west coast?”

I knew how much Charles loved Richmond. At least he’d be close by.

I’m going to enjoy my week with my … Read more...

Love just flew in from LA!

Richard, my oldest, is visiting from LA. So glad to have my boy home on a visit and hard having my only child all the way across country. Andy went crazy seeing him. Just like he did last week when Charles’ friends came.

Got a lot planned. Looks like the river activities won’t happen due to it being very high right now. So we’ll hike and look at it instead.

Family time! Missing the youngest member of our family.

What Richard said after his brother’s suicide