Overdose heart 2017— #griefheart number 260

Overdose heart 2017
Overdose heart 2017

From top right and around: Chaney Corley, died by suicide from overdose; Joshua Hasnas, overdose (possible suicide), Garret Holman; overdose, Billy Derr, overdose; John Henry Watkins, overdose; Marshall Colglazier, overdose; Dawson Pettit, overdose; Josh Kaski, overdose. Center: My first cousin’s second-born, Reece Haigh; overdose, and a friend of Charles’s, Blake Pearce; overdose.

Not pictured as I did this heart in 2017: Mike Stewart; drug-related accident or possible suicide, and DJ Viglis; suicide by overdose.

August 31 is Overdose Awareness Day and this #griefheart is in memory of those who have died from an overdose.

These …