The display that stopped traffic

So four of us are setting up at the Out of the Darkness walk hosted by AFSP, American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. I look over and see a group from the McShin Foundation putting up the display you see featured here on this page. They, of course, had permission to erect the display and I was glad to see recognition of the link between suicide and addiction. McShin has recovery programs and housing for 18+ and just started a Recovery School, McShin Academy, at St. Joseph’s Villa.

It takes about four or five people 2.5 hours to set it … Read more...

I am worth it

This is a video by my friend, Tim Alexander, about the opiate epidemic. It’s short and to the point. Worth watching. Dear governors, senators, congressmen, city counsel….

Tim works with the McShin Foundation to publish video and other media to raises awareness on the topic of addiction. He is also one of the tribe here and is an avid sharer.