My family’s frustration with my mental illness

by Nida Fatima, India

I have fought every day for 10 years. I also had physical trauma previously. So I fight mentally and physically, too.

Since I was born I was treated as if I was ignorant and not mentally ill. I felt the boycott from my community and suffered isolation from my family.

My bipolar disease was diagnosed when I was in a teenager. At that time my father had to handle me and tried to keep negative people from me. Because my father was told by a psychiatrist. I don’t know how I understand things without knowing or … Read more...

The grief of my brother’s suicide

by Nida Fatima (An author living in India)


Today it’s been 10 years since my brother Farooqui’s death. Although it’s been a long time, I have not forgotten him. It’s so painful to remember his last moment. Because I was the only one of the family who was with him, taking care of him.

He lived with major depression and attempted suicide many times. But every time he survived because I was keeping an eye on him every single minute. 

Because he was spiritually bonded with, he always shared his ups and downs with me in the last … Read more...

No one can feel it and no one can heal it

by Nida Fatima

I am Nida Fatima, a married, 29-year-old woman living in India.

I believed I cannot do everything right because God had blessed me with a painful illness called bipolar disorder.

As a child, I was physically abused and couldn’t tell my family about it because it was too shameful and I struggled to explain because I was just 5 years old.

My family thought that my behavior was showing symptoms of bipolar. So they didn’t bond with me. This made me so depressed, I completely lost my focus. I was confused about what this illness was exactly. … Read more...