No one can feel it and no one can heal it

by Nida Fatima

I am Nida Fatima, a married, 29-year-old woman living in India.

I believed I cannot do everything right because God had blessed me with a painful illness called bipolar disorder.

As a child, I was physically abused and couldn’t tell my family about it because it was too shameful and I struggled to explain because I was just 5 years old.

My family thought that my behavior was showing symptoms of bipolar. So they didn’t bond with me. This made me so depressed, I completely lost my focus. I was confused about what this illness was exactly. Daily, I plotted suicide and talked to myself alone.

But throughout my life, I found positive strength and determination that did not let me quit.

I fight every single minute with myself and I have been on medication for the last 10 years. I never attempted suicide in my life though I get thoughts that are so strong enough to make attempts.

The emotionally naked blog of Mrs. Anne Moss Rogers gives me the strength to live and makes me determined. Because from the day I got in touch with her, I get a positive vibe.

3 thoughts on “No one can feel it and no one can heal it”

  1. thanks so much..this is the strength because
    of Mrs.Anne roger, she is a lovely lady..with a beautiful heart.

    1. Nida, Anne Moss does have a beautiful, huge heart, shaped through profound grief. I hear much the same in you. Your story is important, and will be an encouragement to others. Thank you for sharing your life with us! ❤️

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