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Friday night, I went to one of Erin Mahone’s speaker events called #ifyoucouldseeme. Her purpose is to help women who suffer mental illness find their voice and tell their stories. My friend Anna, my husband and I attended this event and it was a packed house.

Erin has the same goal I do and that’s to get others talking about mental illness–to remove the shame and silence that has long surrounded it. We make sure to support each other’s efforts.

This was such a moving event where the women pictured above told their stories for the first time at The Virginia Repertory Theatre in Richmond, VA. These women are in recovery from eating disorders and sexual trauma, depression, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder and more. They were poised, prepared, vulnerable, honest, and courageous.

What’s more, they had succeeded in some way which is proof that you can succeed even if you have a mental illness. I am hoping some or all of these women are willing to write their stories for this blog. Because these stories need to be heard by even more people.

I am going to add a special plug for my friend Christina Tinker who is on the Beacon Tree board. She nailed it! You, too, Andi.

This is Erin’s podcast: #ifyoucouldseeme podcast.

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4 thoughts on “#ifyoucouldseeme speaker event”

  1. Hi Anne!
    I am one of the speakers from that night, and I would love to write for your blog!
    I can be reached through my email at gmail.com
    Thank you so much!

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