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Emotionally Naked accepts stories from those who have lost a loved one (including a friend, roommate etc) to suicide or drug-related death, those who have experienced what it’s like to live with someone suffering mental illness or addiction, and people who have lived experience with mental illness, grief, suicidal thoughts or addiction. Examples are here.

  1. Word count of submissions should be around 600-1200 words (But I won’t pass out if it’s worthy content and goes a bit over.)
  2. You may submit on a word document
  3. Every post should have a picture or suggested picture
  4. Sharing your story on your own Facebook page is encouraged but not required. The mission of this site is for as many people to read the stories. It’s about reach and erasing taboo. Social media tips here
  5. I do share all stories on Facebook and other social media but I do not tag you in the original post so it will not appear automatically on your page (unless you specifically request it). It’s your story and your choice whether you want to share it on your timeline
  6. Stories should be emotionally naked and help the reader feel your experience
  7. You can submit anonymously or with just a first name if necessary since oftentimes there is family discourse over stigmatized deaths. I would love for you to ‘own’ your article since that is the very essence of erasing stigma but understand if you can’t. If you are under 18, the post will only have a first name. Only posts with parent’s permission
  8. You do not have to share sensitive information that might upset the family dynamic. You are allowed to keep sensitive information to yourself for the greater good
  9. Not all stories will be featured and email subscribers get precedence as part of the tribe
  10. Some stories will be edited or I can help you edit your story with the goal of making you sound good and to follow reporting guidelines on suicide so as not to trigger vulnerable individuals.
  11. If you have submitted before, you can submit again but it has to be a different story from another angle
  12. Stories should be original and exclusive content for this site which means not published elsewhere
  13. Stories can briefly include method of death but should include no gory details. If you include it, it’s a mention only and will have a trigger warning which is one line of text. Method of death should not be in the headline nor sensationalized. Here is an example of appropriate language: Died by firearm
  14. If you want an avatar to appear on your story, go to gravatar and associate your email with a picture and it will automatically show up here and anywhere else on the web where you make a comment using your email
  15. Share, share, share even if your post is anonymoous and you send to friends via email.

How to submit a story

There are two ways to send a story and picture.

 Submit your story through the contact form

 Submit through Google Forms

Here is a short video on how you use the buttons to share a post on social media pages.
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