Last call for memorial t-shirts, and comments about loved ones

We have 36 names so far. We can accommodate a few more. See what the shirts look like. Short sleeve, sweatshirt, unisex short sleeve, women’s slim fit. XS-3XL. Light blue, gray, white.

 I want to add my loved one

Below are the comments by those who have submitted names for the memorial t-shirt.

“Best uncle ever!!!”

“We need to talk about it.”

“You’re never alone and are so loved
Mehdi taught me how to smile and find comfort in him through any situation. I wish he would’ve helped himself in the same way. I miss you, Jaff.” 💕

“We remember Maggie by the beautiful life she lead and not the horrific manner in which she died.”

“I suffer with suicidal ideation as well as multiple mental diseases. Losing my son 4 1/2 years ago has nearly destroyed me. But I am still here and I am still telling everyone that we MUST HAVE THIS CONVERSATION. Suicide is an epidemic and the stigma must be replaced with awareness and education so that those who suffer like myself and like my son did can and do get the help they need to treat and manage their diseases and mental health issues.”

“Until we meet again, Big Brother ❤️

“Active Duty Suicide Heidelberg Germany after surviving two IEDs during a 15-month deployment to Iraq. She traded beauty queen crowns for a helmet and God gave her wings. She was also a national anthem singer for 15 years including five years in the US Army”

“My son, Victor, was addicted to crack. He tried so hard to stop but couldn’t (he did for one day and we have his one day chip). All in all, he was a good son, brother, father, friend despite his addiction.”

“In honor of our son who died by suicide … Mitchell Hash Foundation non-profit, created in the wake of our 28 year old son’s death by suicide in 2015. Our mission statement is: Lift the Stigma; Erase the Shame; Be Aware; Share Hope; Find Your Purpose; Stop Suicide. Mitchell was in the Marine Corps for 5 years, graduated from UVA with a mechanical engineering degree, worked at GAI Consultant Engineers in Richmond, and entertained everyone with a fantastic sense of humor. In our healing, we want to help prevent others from having to go through this earthquake of emotions. We help support people needing additional funding for therapy and we sponsor Reboot Recovery for PTSD sufferers. Please follow us on Facebook. Also, when shopping online go to and choose the Mitchell Hash Foundation as your charity of choice or go to”

“Run Free Maddi.”

“Thank you for the helping hands you give our veterans…your work & presence is very much appreciated!”

“End the stigma.”

“We were married for almost 25 years, and have 4 children. It’s been 1 year. My children & I are strong! We chose to survive and live life to the fullest.”

“Please try to prevent suicide by any measures possible. When someone you love commits suicide they take a part of you with them forever….”

“Even in darkness, sunshine shines through the blinds.” –Charles Aubrey Rogers

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Does this look like someone who would kill himself?

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