Charles first EP rap album, Hell’s Episode

I have made available Charles’ first rap album on his soundcloud channel. Fortunately, I was able to get into his account.

For a long time it was on iTunes and I discovered it was no longer. Probably due to lagging sales after his death. I added it to SoundCloud because of the creative commons licensing.

Listen to Charles’ first EP on SoundCloud

The American Dream is still available on Amazon for 99 cents

I don’t Wanna be a Patient, the single of an album he was working on when he died by suicide is still on iTunes and amazon for 99 cents.

Discovered a new song today I’d never heard, Angel Dust. Not so much a “mom” song but anything new is gold.

He would hand out his CDs and then people would come back and tell him how much they loved the album. He’d be beaming. His music is dark. It reflects how he felt and how he suffered.

Video: Forgive me momma – by Charles Aubrey Rogers


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Anne Moss Rogers

I am an emotionally naked TEDx speaker, and author of the Book, Diary of a Broken Mind. I raised two boys, Richard and Charles, and lost my youngest son, Charles to substance use disorder and suicide June 5, 2015. I help people foster a culture of connection to prevent suicide, reduce substance misuse and find life after loss. My motivational, training and workshop topics include suicide prevention, addiction, mental illness, and grief. As talented and funny as Charles was, letting other people know they matter was his greatest gift. And now the legacy I try and carry forward in my son's memory. Professional Speaker Website. Trained in ASIST and trainer for the evidence-based 4-hour training for everyone called safeTALK.

5 thoughts on “Charles first EP rap album, Hell’s Episode”

  1. Wow. His material is so dark it’s not funny. Literally not funny now that we know. But it’s so freakin’ brilliant. So brilliant. Our two boys ended up with the shit end of the DNA stick comprised of the dichotomy between creative genius and unhealthy self-loathing.

    1. I know. Daniel was also a creative genius. It does come with baggage and I think ou boys were victims of this culture. I think Daniel, like Charles, was not happy when away from his support system.

  2. That is so cool for you to do that. Daniel’s song “What If I’m Right” on Bandcamp 2yrs and 9 mths after his death still has purchases trickling in. I get notifications through his Gmail account. Some of them leave messages for him. Those are so heart wrenching for me but I welcome it at the same time.

    1. Here’s a msg someone sent this April – “Where ever you are, I hope the darkness is gone. Everyone here loves you and misses you. Your memory and accomplishments will live on.”.

      1. Oh David. What a treasure that one is. Charles was up and coming but not nearly as far along as your son ,the drugs having detoured Charles. He was still into his music but the drugs were taking a lot of his time.

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