Pellet heart— #griefheart number 269

Pellet heart

This one has an interesting story behind it. We sold our Chesterfield county home to a family of 6 back in late 2015. When we were considering which offer to take, one of the real estate agents told our agent that the couple they were representing was so easy to work with. Now at this point, Charles had not died yet but we were definitely in crisis and having someone easy to work with was pretty attractive. So we took their offer.

We sold the house on a Sunday and 4 days later, Charles killed himself. Part of the reason we were selling is to free up some cash to pay for services to help our son. Another was to just make a change and move to the city. We were, of course, devastated but the fact that they were so easy to work with was a Godsend.

So I’ve met the mom who now lives in our house. She told me that every time she blows the leaves from the ground, she finds these BB pellets. My sons used to play with those pellet guns all the time. They are in a ton of their YouTube videos.

She collected some of them and made a heart picture and sent it to me. She told me, “I always imagine they must have had so much fun here in this yard.” It’s true. They did. We had so many sweet memories there. And this was such a heartfelt gesture.

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