Why do people cut?

People cut to:

  • Help them feel something when they are numb inside
  • Be able to physically see the pain they feel inside
  • To escape or distract them from their emotional pain
  • To punish themselves
  • Push their pain away
  • Feel a sense of control, joy, or excitement
  • Communicate their emotional pain to others
  • Distract themselves from emotionally painful issues

To those who can’t fathom it, cutting is a mysterious practice. Why would anyone do that to themselves?

People cut to cope with any number of situations–grief, rape, thoughts of suicide, an eating disorder, depression, sexual abuse, relationship disruption, and more. Cutting … Read more...

Trigger Warning

by Morgan Altic
scars are tattoos with better storiesI wear scars on my skin
Self-inflicted wounds that remind me of the times I lost control
The times I gave into that solemn voice that told me to cut open my flesh
To mask the pain I was feeling inside
That same voice that convinced me I wasn’t good enough
Or deserving of life
Except now I am a survivor of the battles I have sometimes lost
I am proud of the metals I have earned fighting
Because the engraved lines across my wrists
Are a reflection of the bravery I showed in times of weakness… Read more...