Behind the Smile

“Writing is a healthy coping mechanism compared to the other unhealthy ones I express in my writing.” –Morgan

by Morgan Altic

There was a girl
With her chin held up high
Covering up her pain
None of her friends knew she wanted to die

She walked through the halls
Holding secrets that were hard to bear
If only someone knew what was going on within her
Yet nobody seemed to care

There’s only one release
For the pain that still remains
The blade that’s embedded in her wrist
And a shirt that’s covered in blood stains

She has good days …

Trigger Warning

by Morgan Altic
scars are tattoos with better storiesI wear scars on my skin
Self-inflicted wounds that remind me of the times I lost control
The times I gave into that solemn voice that told me to cut open my flesh
To mask the pain I was feeling inside
That same voice that convinced me I wasn’t good enough
Or deserving of life
Except now I am a survivor of the battles I have sometimes lost
I am proud of the metals I have earned fighting
Because the engraved lines across my wrists
Are a reflection of the bravery I showed in times of weakness… Read more...